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5 Tips For Breastfeeding An Older Baby

You might’ve heard a lot of times that it’s best to breastfeed for as long as possible. But as your baby grows up, you or your baby might not be comfortable with breastfeeding for various reasons. Here are a few tips to help you out with breastfeeding and making sure your baby doesn’t miss out on the goodness of breast milk: 

Don’t keep an eye on the clock

As your baby grows, it’s normal for the breastfeeding sessions to last a little less long. In the beginning, your child is new to breastfeeding so she’ll take her time to have a tummy-full. But as she grows up, she becomes more skilled at latching and sucking so the time lessens. During the toddler stage, a breastfeeding session might be over in just 2 minutes. This doesn’t mean that she’s not getting enough nutrition, so don’t get discouraged by it.

Breastfeeding at night can be a boon

Most toddlers pass through a phase when they don’t sleep well through the night and wake up every night cranky as hell. The best thing you can do at times like these is to nurse your baby to sleep. That moment of bonding and the comfort your arms provide will be enough to lull your baby back to sleep.

Breastfeeding in public might not be that great 

A lot of moms are uncomfortable to breastfeed their newborns in public because of the strange looks they are given, this just gets worse when you’re breastfeeding a toddler. If you’re unbothered by such things, then that’s great! But if you are, consider carrying a blanket or a dupatta with you when you’re travelling with your baby.

More distractions

This is one thing you need to be prepared for. Your baby won’t be solely concentrating on feeding. Every small thing around her will pique her interest which means you’ll have to deal with a restless and a slightly fussy baby.

Your hormones will come into play

You wouldn’t have got your periods during the first few months after childbirth but you will eventually get them sooner or later. During the beginning of the menstrual cycle, your baby might feel a difference in the taste of the breast milk and this is completely okay. Your breast milk supply might also vary during those days of the month.

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