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5 Tips For Breastfeeding A Newborn Baby

Breastfeeding keeps your little one healthy and its benefits extend well beyond protection against diseases and nutrition. Your little one gets a power-packed nourishment through breastfeeding. Breast milk means life for your baby during the initial few months and the babies who breastfeed better have better emotional and mental well being. If you have a newborn baby then breastfeeding might be a new experience for you. You can make this experience memorable and an easy feat by following these simple tips.

Be prepared beforehand

Before your baby arrives you can connect with other moms or take a breastfeeding class to ensure that you get comfortable with this process. Many times the new moms find it difficult to breastfeed in a reclined position because of which the baby doesn’t get enough milk supply. At breastfeeding classes you learn latching with dolls or the instructor demonstrates the process through videos making the breastfeeding experience an easy feat when your turn arrives.

Get comfortable position

The more relaxed you’re while breastfeeding your baby the better your baby will feel while pulling milk from your breast. You can lie in a reclined position while breastfeeding your baby or you can place an extra pillow or two to make sure that you’re comfortable while she’s latching on. You can also lie on your back to help support your baby while she’s busy in extracting milk from your breast. You need to find an easier position for your baby to stay for a while during breastfeeding.

Start as early as possible

If you really want to build your baby’s innate abilities to latch on then make sure to start the session of breastfeeding as soon as your baby arrives. This will make the process easier and your baby will have a greater level of immunity. Your baby’s reflexes will also kick in once your baby puts his mouth on your bare skin. Even a few drops of colostrum during the first hours of delivery can act like an elixir for your baby. You can save your kid from all sorts of health risks by breastfeeding your baby as early as possible.

Don’t count minutes

Many moms swear by the fact that you shouldn’t leave your baby on one breast for a long time. But the truth is that you can leave your baby on one breast until he comes off on his own. The pattern of breastfeeding differs for babies as some of them take one breast for feeding while others take both breasts while breastfeeding. You don’t need to count on the time for which your baby latches on to one of your breast. He’ll feed onto the other one if he doesn’t seem to be full on his own.

Avoid pacifiers in the first month

If you’ll offer a pacifier to your baby during the initial month then it’ll suppress his hunger cues and he’ll be more hungry as the day will end. Try to breastfeed him as much as possible and avoid offering pacifiers to him during the initial months as it will not only have a toll on his hunger pang but will also have an adverse effect on his immunity. After all, you won’t like to steal time from the breasts during the initial months.

Follow these breastfeeding tips to ensure that your baby has a good latch and your baby gets the nourishment that he needs.

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