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5 Things You Won't Have to Do When Your Baby Grows Up

Babies make life wonderful, but let us be honest, it is also extremely hard and tiring. You cannot wait for your baby to grow up so that you can relax a little bit and enjoy seeing your baby doing his or her little funny things, rather than running around them all day and caring for them 24x7. Grown-up babies come with their own challenges for your parenting, but we can agree it is comparatively easier to deal with them as you are spared all the physical labour and mental trauma that you through when they are just small little babies. We here are coming up with things you will not have to do anymore once your baby is all grown up and make your life easier.

1. Changing Diapers and Dresses

Little babies pee, poop and puke all the time, without even giving you a warning. You have no time to save yourself from the coming ordeal and more than often you spoil your dress or your new shirt. Sometimes, this happens at the most crucial of the times, like when you are ready to go to a party, or when someone else is holding your baby. Not to mention the tiresome job of changing nappies and diapers every time they pee and poop. When babies grow up, they can tell you that they need to use the loo. You may still need to go with them, but it is definitely better than spoiling dresses and mood.

2. Waking up all night

Little babies have baffling sleeping schedules. They will sleep all day and wake up at the deadest of hours crying loudly. You are never able to get a proper sleep until your baby is old enough to follow a sleeping routine. You are always trying to put them to sleep so that you nap peacefully for a few hours but it is all for nothing as they wake up minutes later crying for you to hold them back. You can only steal hours for sleeping when your baby is at sleep. When the babies grow up they start having proper sleep at one stretch following a routine. This makes your life comfortable and saves you from going insane by the lack of sleep.

3. Holding them in your arms

Babies need to be carried everywhere and sometimes your arms are tired from carrying them all day long and need some rest themselves. Once the babies start walking they always want to be put down so they can keep running. You may have to run behind them all the time but they will not want to be held in your arms anymore unless they are too exhausted to walk. However, no matter how relaxing it may be, holding your baby in your arms close to you is something you will miss doing.

4. Missing out on parties and social gatherings

Your babies need your undivided attention all the time when they are little. They are dependent on you for everything and that is why they cannot bear to be separated from you even for a second. This makes it hard for you attend social events and personal parties. You have been declining invitations left and right for sometime now. When the babies grow up, they can be left with a babysitter while you are out there fulfilling your social obligations. However, you will miss how could always make an excuse about your baby and bail out of a gathering early, when they were little.

5. Monitoring every step they take

Little babies do not know what is good for them and what is not. They keep crawling to the most inaccessible and dangerous of places and putting the most disgusting of things in their mouth. You have to be alert at all times and keep a look at what they are doing, lest they get themselves in any trouble. After growing up, they develop a sense of danger and limits. They still need to be checked once in a while, but they can be given independence within boundaries. This frees your time a little and provides the children with opportunities of learning good and bad themselves. 

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