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5 Things You Will Not Have To Do Once Your Baby Turns 1

Babies are the cutest miracles for you in this world. It’s a completely amazing feeling to play with them, to feed them and to sleep with them. Day by day, they grow and learn to recognize things and patterns of the worldly things around them. You might have done lots of untidy and unwanted stuff, but not anymore. Once your baby turns 1, you are relieved from these 5 rituals:

Untimely waking up

Towards the completion of a year, babies tend to be more punctual with their sleep and they will now rarely bug you in the middle of an adventurous dream. Moreover, you will be able to take a deep and uninterrupted sleep every day. This will be very helpful to keep your more energetic to the new challenges that you will be facing as your baby's demand rise. Once you start getting proper sleep, you will start feeling healthier.

Saying no to any events and parties outside the home

For more than a year, you hesitated to attend any function or party outside your home. You thought that might not be a good idea considering the new born's irregular habits. But no more of those hesitations. Your kid is now doing better on his own and is ready to accompany you to all those gatherings.

Not travelling outstation

Finally, after a so long time, you are ready to travel. Umm, who doesn't like to travel? Go to your native or to your distant relatives or to the unexplored regions of this earth, or anywhere else you wanted to go since a long time.

No more breastfeeding

Hopefully, your little kid has developed a strong tummy to sustain the food from farmer's harvest. You are relieved from breastfeeding your kid and can take proper care of your body now.

No more familiarity with the doc

Gone are the days when you need to be familiar with doctors and nurses. As your child has grown up, he/she develops more immunity and is resistant to common infections. You probably are done with the frequent vaccination tours to the hospital, though you have to be careful with any future dose of it. But, still, we would advise you to take proper care of both you and your child. Do consult doctors in case of any serious symptoms.

Probably your baby has already developed a more regular body clock, hence demanding lesser care and attention from you. This allows you to invest your time in other useful works that otherwise, you were avoiding till now. Let your passions shape your identity once more.

One thing we would advise you at this stage is not to completely be reluctant with your child’s health. Do get medical insurances and spend time with them playing or otherwise. It’s probably a very good time that you start investing in your child’s future.


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