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5 Things You Should Never Use On Your Face

When you meet someone new, your face is going to make the first impression. Smiling can make anyone look more attractive and friendly and this is the reason why we should smile when we meet people. But after meeting you, your eyes and skin are going to make a lasting impression on yourself. People look into each other’s eyes to read emotions and generally look at the face (eyes, nose and mouth) while talking.

So it is definitely important to keep the skin on your face clean and glowing. We use all kinds of products to maintain our skin. You may already know how certain products are too harsh for your skin and that you should only use products that are meant for your skin type and to suit the current weather conditions.

Following are some products that are not meant for use on the face but are used anyway:

1. Body Lotion

The skin on your face is very different from the skin on the rest of your body. The skin on your face is very thin and delicate compared to your body skin. Your face requires a lotion that is much more mild and gentle compared to your body lotion which is thick and contains a high amount of fragrance. Using body lotion on your face can clog your pores and even dry out your skin - the exact opposite of what you wanted it to do.

2. Toothpaste

Many people resort to using toothpaste to treat and dry out any zits on their skin. This is a remedy that has been around for ages but it is very harmful to your skin. Applying toothpaste can increase the melanin in the areas applied, leaving brown spots and discolouration in the area. It can also lead to permanent scars and burns due to skin irritations caused by toothpaste.

3. Shampoo

Never use shampoo to cleanse your face. Your hair and face are made up of completely different cellular structures. What you use to cleanse your face cannot be used to wash your hair and vice versa. Using shampoo is the only way you can get rid of all the dirt and oil that accumulates on your hair and scalp. But using it on your face will leave your skin dry and flaky.

4. Hot Water

As you may know, hot water is known to dry out your skin. This is the reason why you need to moisturise twice as much after a hot shower. Using this on your face can be especially harmful as it will first dry out your skin, and when there is little or no moisture in the skin, it will start producing more sebum (oil) to make up for it. This can lead to more breakouts on your skin. Even in winters, try to limit the number of hot showers you take as the steam can dry out the skin on your face.

5. Loofah Sponge

Although a loofah sponge is great for scrubbing the skin on your body, it can be too harsh to use on your face. If you need to cleanse your face after a day out, use a face cleanser and a scrub. This should get rid of makeup and dust/dirt from your skin. For a deep cleanse, you can make use of a face cleansing brush to gently brush away the dirt, but never a loofah sponge. 

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