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5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Wife

After marriage, you become so close to your partner that you feel you can say just about anything to her and she won’t mind. But the truth is that your words might break your marriage and you might not be left with anything more than regretting over being so rude towards your wife. Whether you’re married for a year or are going to celebrate your silver jubilee there are few things you should never say to your wife. Mark them in your memory lane so that you don’t need to remorse later in life.

You need to take cooking lesson from my mom. The biryani tastes like shit!

Nobody is the master of each and every skill of this world. If your wife lags behind in the cooking skills then being rude and comparing her cooking skill with your mom won’t work. You don’t need to behave like a Michelin chef judging the contestant’s food. She’s your wife and she needs to be treated with compassion and love. Instead of directly asking her to go and learn how to cook from your mom you can invite your mom home in order to help her polish her cooking skill or you can even say it’s quite better than yesterday, if you put a bit more effort it can turn magical. There are many more ways to deal with a situation rather than turning it into a havoc.

I did a mistake by marrying you

No relationship can be a rosy saga all the time. You are bound to have arguments when you express your opinion over different things but even when you’re having a heated argument never ever try to give a tag of a mistake to your marriage. Even when you say it once to your wife it can leave a long-lasting impression of unworthiness and disrespect in your wife’s heart. This will eventually weaken the thread of marriage and you’ll be forced to live together under one roof. Take a breather for some time if you feel you can’t handle the situation but these words are not less than sin.

My ex-was better than you. She used to do everything for me.

If you’re starting a new chapter of your life by getting married to someone there’s no need to open the pages of the old chapter. Whatever happened in the past should not affect your future. You might have met hundreds of girls in the past and you might have dozens of relationships but right now you’re with the one person whom you found out to be the best match for yourself. Never ever talk about your ex with your wife as this can make her feel insecure and it might break the bonds of your marriage slowly and gradually.

I married a princess who turned into an ugly witch.

Every woman’s beauty fades down with ageing. She might not have as flawless skin as she used to have during her 20’s but she is the same person who supported you in your up and down. Even if her body is not toned up as earlier and is not having the supermodel figure make her feel she’s the prettiest rather than making her feel ashamed of her appearance. You might have married a princess by appearance but you forgot to realize that the princess turned into a Queen with the level of maturity.

We haven’t had sex since last Christmas. You need to perform your duties.

With time the vigour and passion for sex might decrease in your wife but this doesn’t mean you need to remind her of being a dutiful wife. When she has said yes to marriage she knows she needs to make you happy but this doesn’t mean she can never say no to you. If you feel your wife is losing interest in sex try to recreate a romantic ambience, arouse her to get back in the mood with you rather than forcing her to be in bed with you.

By avoiding these phrases you can definitely avoid the wedge of division between you and your wife and strengthen the bonds of your relationship. Even when your wife is pushing every button you have, resist the temptation to leave in a huff.

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