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5 Things You Should Know When You Get Pregnant For The First Time

Pregnancy is a time when one’s character is tested continuously. It is challenging at the same time an exciting period a women goes through. It is a period where there are a lot of questions asked. First timers generally tend to get nervous and confused. It is essential for a women to stay informed. Here are a few things we think are important to know when you get pregnant for the first time

1. Right symptoms that confirm you’re pregnant :

There will be multiple symptoms that can be misleading. In the excitement people often forget to look out for solid signs that confirm pregnancy. A home-based urine test would be an ideal confirmation to start with. It can be done using a pregnancy kit easily available at your local drug store. Furthermore you could feel nauseous, have a back pain,have mood swings, have cravings for particular food and obviously you miss your periods. If you still have doubts you can also get a pregnancy test done by a doctor.

2. Understand the importance of vaccine :

Right vaccines are of utmost importance in this period. Some illness in mother can affect the physical and mental health of the fetus adversely. There is a myth that vaccinating pregnant women can have side effects. However, these claims don’t have any scientific base to it. Vaccinating during pregnancy has various benefits and it is understood to be very important to keep the pregnant women healthy.

3. Visit a gynaecologist:

Sometimes people take matters into their own hands. It is not the best thing to do during this period. When in doubt go consult it out. It is very important to find a good gynaecologist and have a good relationship with your gynaecologist. Always ensure that you visit your gynaecologist periodically. Gynaecologist also does what is necessary to curb any developmental disorder at an early stage.

4. Pregnancy comes with few discomforts :

Like we mentioned earlier, pregnancy is challenging. It is not an easy period. Even the regular activities like sitting and standing could come with discomforts. Your energy level will also be drained with issues like constipation and vomiting. Eating healthy, good hydration, the right amount of physical activities and proper rest can help reduce the discomforts.

5. Understand labour pain :

You will go into labor pain when the time comes. It is important to consult a doctor and understand how labor pain feels like. This will help you prepare well. Towards the time of labor pain there will be frequent contractions and their intensity also increases. Walking is often considered a solution for early labor.

As we have seen that pregnancy is a demanding time and tests the character immensely. It is important to have the right attitude and be determined to face challenges. However, it is also an opportunity to bring out the best in you. Always remember that you have to be true to yourself and make right decisions based on your understanding. Enjoy pregnancy!


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