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5 Things You Should Know About Sex During Pregnancy

A lot of times, women try to resist sex because they think that it might harm the baby. Ladies, throw away your worries because sex is absolutely normal and safe, even during pregnancy. Never stop being intimate with your partner, no matter what phase of life you are in. But remember, being careful is always a good idea.

We bring to you a list of five things that everyone should know about sex during pregnancy.     

1. Sex during pregnancy is absolutely safe

You can continue to have sex during pregnancy. It is completely normal and there’s a chance it can be more pleasurable due to the changes taking place in your body. You tend to become more sensitive and responsive to your partner, and this may spice things up.     

2. Sex will not harm the baby

Couples tend to turn away from sex as they believe that intercourse might harm the baby. The baby is protected behind many layers of the body, and it is technically impossible to disturb the baby during sex. So, relax and enjoy those little moments with your partner.

3. Mind the position

Always be careful with the positions. When you are pregnant, you cannot afford to get on your belly or have more than an acceptable amount of weight on your body (after a point of time). Certain position may be fine for the initial weeks of pregnancy, but it needs to retire after 16-20 weeks. However, there are other positions that can be enjoyed throughout the pregnancy period.

4. Use protection

In order to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, it is always advisable to use protection. A virus called Herpes simplex virus is associated with birth defects and can be transmitted through anal, vaginal or oral sex. So, precautions are always better.

5. Bleeding after sex is NOT normal

Getting cramps at the time of sexual intercourse is not something to worry about. It is perfectly normal. It becomes a sign of worry only if you don’t recover from it after a few minutes or notice bleeding after intercourse. Consult your doctor immediately in such a scenario.

Also, lacking the desire to have sex is absolutely normal. You might feel moody and not want it during pregnancy. Don’t feel bad about it and let your partner know. You can always have sex after the baby is born and when you are more comfortable.

Maintaining a healthy sex life with your partner is an important part of your married life. Don’t let it get affected during your pregnancy due to certain myths. However, avoid sex during the last week of pregnancy (unless your doctor has suggested it). Otherwise, make full use of this time to get close to your partner.

Have a safe and happy pregnancy, ladies!

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