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5 Things You Should Know About Baby Walking

Walking is one of the most important and major milestones in a baby’s and the parent’s life. Every parent waits for what might seem like ages to see their little one walk and the moment they start walking, it gives them immense pleasure and satisfaction. But, as such, it is important that you understand a few things about how the baby walking works. Mentioned below are some things you should know about it. 

1. Every child follows the same steps

Sitting up, standing up and cruising all will happen with your little one as well. So, don’t worry and let them do their thing in their own time. At around 6 months, the baby will start trying to sit up properly. By 10 months of age, they will try to stand up on their feet and will be successful by this time more or less. Cruising will happen in its own time and your little one will try to move his/her feet while holding walls, railings and furniture.

2. Early or late walking can tell loads about their personality

Some kids have an 'I can do anything!' mentality and want to get up and get going as soon as they discover it's an option while others don't want to start walking until they are sure they can do so fairly well. This early or late walking has been seen to generate different qualities in a person. While the kids who start walking sooner are seen to be more risk-taking and adventurous, the kids who walk later can turn out to be more cautious and contemplative.

3. Stopping them is going to be hard

Yes, you want your little one to be free and develop as quickly as possible. But, once they start walking, they just do not want to stop. It becomes extremely difficult for you to protect them and it becomes all the more important to take care of their safety. Thus, it is important that you take the necessary preventive measures beforehand itself and let your little one be free to walk as much as they want to.

4. Walking has the power to change everything

Getting around on his own allows your child to interact and explore the world in a whole new way as it opens all sorts of new possibilities. A walking child changes things for the parents as well. All of a sudden you need to be extremely cautious and make sure that your child does not just walk out of the house without anyone looking after that. Besides all this, you all of a sudden have this realisation that your little one has grown up and needs you a bit lesser now.

5. First steps are often a very big deal

You probably know it by now that people all around will definitely ask you if your little one has started walking or not. And after replying to so many people in a negative, the moment your little one takes his/her first step your joy and sense of relief will cross all the bounds there are in the world. It is a once in a lifetime thing for both you and your little one.

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