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5 Things You do That Affect The Health Of Your Unborn Baby

Pregnancy is one of the most vulnerable stages in a woman’s life, which is why pregnant moms take a lot of extra precaution. Be it while climbing down the stairs or even while eating a fruit, there’s always that second of hesitation so why is it that most moms neglect the toxins and chemicals they are exposed to on a daily basis.

When we say chemicals, we’re not talking about industrial chemicals that you see people handling with face masks and so on, we’re talking about the ones that are lurking right in your household. That’s right, your everyday products like household cleaning supplies and so on are full of harmful chemicals that could harm you and your unborn baby.

Pregnant women, when exposed to these chemicals will be affected adversely because they pass right through the placenta and harm the developing fetus. They can cause birth defects, brain and organ damage and even other behavioural and developmental changes after birth.

Here are a few common things you find harmful chemicals in:

1. The Foods you eat

Certain foods like raw eggs and meat, coffee and alcohol should be completely avoided during pregnancy. But even the vegetables and fruits in your kitchen could be containing chemicals. One reason for this is the pesticides used on them during production and another is the transference of chemicals. Chances are that you may touch a chemical product like a floor cleaner and then prepare the food immediately, putting you and your little one at risk because of it.

2. The air you inhale

The chemicals present in your everyday household product are not just harmful when you come in physical contact with them, they release toxic fumes into the air that you and your family unknowingly inhale. This results in bad air quality which in turn may cause birth defects like low birth weight, preterm birth, autism and so on.

3. The water you drink

A recent study said that the pregnant women who drink water from plastic water bottles are at an increased risk of giving birth to obese babies. This is because of the BPA (bisphenol A) present in plastic which acts as a hormone disruptor and makes controlling appetite very difficult during pregnancy.

The same BPA is also present in many household cleaning products like glass cleaners, dishwashing liquid and floor cleaners.

4. The makeup you put on

Just like what you put inside your body, what you put on your body during pregnancy also matters. A lot of skin-care and makeup products contain retinoids, hydroxy acids, salicylic acids and much more that are harmful to the fetus. Switch to all-natural beauty products that are safe and effective.

5. The cleaner you use

The household cleaner you use every day contains phthalates, ammonia, chloride, 2-Butoxyethanol and phosphates. Most of these chemicals are endocrine disruptors and can cause several respiratory and cardiac-related illnesses. These chemicals could also affect the health of the baby in your womb as they get absorbed by your skin.

This is one of the many reasons that tiny step launched it’s very own natural floor cleaner that is extremely safe to be used on daily basis. It is free of all the harmful chemicals like chlorides, phosphates, ammonia and other toxins. Made with natural ingredients like Neem extracts, Vinegar, Baking soda, and food grade preservatives. It not only cleans your floor more effectively than chemical-based cleaners, it is completely safe for babies and pets. When you’re doing so much in preparation for your little one, why not detoxify your home and switch to a natural floor cleaner to ensure her safety?

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