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5 Things You Can Relate To If Your Husband Is From Delhi

Delhi is a city of many different flavours, sights and smells. And we are pretty sure that your husband is the same if he comes from that city. Here are 5 things that you'll be able to relate to if your husband is from Delhi.

1. Yo Yo Love

If your husband is from Delhi, chances are he loves Honey Singh. Also, you will realize this love for the musician and other Punjabi songs has turned into an obsession. He’d probably sing ‘Dope Shope’ every morning and ‘4 Bottle Vodka Kam Mera Rozka’ in the evenings. It wouldn’t be a surprise to you if he does this even when you are singing your favourite Ed Sheeran song. Just please don’t be mad at him. He’s just being your typical Delhi husband.

2. Extreme Bhai-Chara

Men from Delhi love to address each other as ‘bros’... always. If you are not familiar with this, then you’ll probably get to know about it from your husband who will meet every other guy like he’s his long lost brother and his opening lines would be, “Aur bhai kaisa hai?” or if he wants a favour, he’ll say,“Bhai please ye karde. Bhai ke liye itna nahi kar sakta?” (too much emotional bro-panti). He’ll even introduce him to you with the tagline,“Ye to bhai hai apna.” This will leave you wondering how many brothers he has of whom you are not aware. (LOL)

3. The Attitude

This is the lifestyle mantra of a Delhi boy - attitude is everything. You can let your husband show-off some of his attitude outside, but if he’s showing you attitude inside the house, just tell him to do the dishes (He’ll understand what you mean :p). He might be the head of some big ‘car-o-bar’ and the ‘king of the world!’, but in the house, you are the boss.

4. The Fitness Freaks

He’s obsessed with having the perfect physique and wants to attain that picture perfect Bollywood star body through strenuous workouts and supplements. He may forget your anniversary date, but there’s no way he’ll forget his push-ups. Moreover, a day will come when you will be annoyed with his habit of posting pictures of his toned abs on social networking sites (Is that really necessary?). And how can you forget their ‘Gym Tee’, the body hugging V-necked skimpy tees with the quotes, ‘I’m sexy and I know it.’

5. Fights and Tall Claims

Delhi hubbies are sometimes hot headed and always ready to get into a fight. Their arguments are followed by dialogues like, “Tu bahar mil beta... batata hu tujhe”. If the opponent is not really threatened by this, they move on to boasting about who they are, hoping the other person backs off.

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