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5 things to remember before you have a second child

Having a second child may sound like an amazing idea, but it has to be planned as well as you planned your first baby. You probably will be more experienced so thats a bonus point, but a baby comes with chaos, disorder and plenty of sleepless nights, no matter which number they’re at. So if you’re already prepared for that, here are a few things to remember before you go through with it!

1. Ask yourself : Are you doing this for you or under social pressure?

You probably would have heard tons of advice telling you about how your first child shouldn’t be growing up alone and how they’ll need a companion to keep them grounded. Or you might be dreading answering the in-laws about when they’ll get to meet their second grandchild. So to set the record straight, not all single kids are brats or lonely. How your kid turns out is going to depend on your parenting skills, so don’t conceive a second child solely under social norms.

2. Your financial position

The joy your children give you won’t depreciate with the number of children you have, it’s more likely to magnify but before this, stop for a second and be practical. You may be emotionally and physically ready for another child but it’s an expensive affair. A newborn and unpaid bills isn’t a very appealing combination. Waiting a few years while you gain financial stability won’t be wrong, it’ll be less stressful for you when your baby finally arrives.

3. Preparing your older child

Don’t forget to keep your older kid in the loop. They’re going to be really curious as to why you’re bloating suddenly or why you don’t have the energy to play anymore. Explain to them that they’re not going to be any less important to you with the coming of another baby. Let him pick out baby clothes or choose which ones to donate to his baby sibling.

4. The timing and your age

No doubt, your age has serious consequences for your baby’s health. If you’re above 35 or you had complications with your previous pregnancy, consult your doctor before trying again. Nobody is really prepared for a child with a disorder so it’s natural to take precautions for this in yours and your child’s best interest.

5. It is definitely going to be different

You’ve already done this before so the baby showers which once seemed super exciting will be less so this time around. You’ve tried and made some mistakes with your first born so your second child will be safe from those blunders. You’ll be less panicky and there’ll be less of google references while raising your second kid, but nevertheless, there’s always something new to learn and the emotions attached with having a child will stay the same.

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