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5 Things To Look For While Choosing A Maternity Hospital

As an expecting mom, you want the best for your baby and a part of that is making sure that you have a healthy pregnancy and a smooth delivery. Waiting for the day you finally hold your baby is an experience common to all expecting moms.

And an important part of this experience is choosing your hospital for delivery. Many parents-to-be try to find the hospital that best matches their expectations so that both mom and baby can be healthy and happy.

In case you’re in a dilemma about choosing a good hospital for delivery, here are some things you should look for:


Find an OB-GYN who makes you feel comfortable. After a few appointments with them, you can decide whether they can make you feel comfortable and supported throughout your pregnancy. Remember that you will be seeing this doctor the most during your pregnancy, and you should therefore find an OB-GYN who makes you comfortable and reassures you.

2. NICU and ICU Facilities

It is important to provide immediate care to mother and child during this sensitive period. So, the hospital you choose should have an ICU for adults and a Neonatal ICU for your newborn so that it is equipped to meet any emergencies.

3. Ability to Handle Complications

The hospital must also have specialists who are qualified to handle any complications that could arise, like gestational diabetes or high maternal blood pressure. Complex deliveries are not all that common, but it always helps to have a team of specialists who can handle any such complications, and perform C-Sections if the need arises.

4. Specialists For Additional Care

From nutritionists to pediatricians to anesthesiologists, your hospital must have a team of varied specializations, so that any health needs of the mother or baby can be met without delay. It is good to have an on-call pediatrician who can come and monitor your newborn’s health. In the postpartum period, you may also need a lactation consultant who can provide you support and advice about breastfeeding.

5. Birth Options

Do you prefer a normal delivery or a C-Section? Does your hospital have a maternity section that can support your birthing preferences? Also go through your birthing plan with your OB-GYN so that they are aware of your preferences and will be able to support you through the same.

Your pregnancy and delivery require the best care. So does your newborn. Manipal Hospitals, Whitefield has a team of different specialists, which offers a range of different services when you deliver - these include care for infertility, neonatal care, lactation support, and handling high-risk pregnancy complications. The team of specialists can provide comprehensive care and are equipped to keep mom and baby healthy and safe during pregnancy and delivery.

The bottom line is that you should look for a multispeciality hospital when you are trying to find a maternity hospital. It can take care of any concerns you experience, while keeping mother and baby safe, healthy and happy.

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