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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Maternity Hospital

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Bringing your little one into this world is a memory you would want untarnished. The first time your baby boy or girl takes a breath of air, should be a day to hold in your heart, forever. How is it that such an important event in life is overlooked? Choosing a maternity hospital is often undermined and is a decision that is made in the spur of a moment.

Here are 5 questions to ask before deciding on a Maternity Hospital:

1. Do they have stem cell banking?

The presence of stem cell banking in the hospital of your choice should be pivotal in your decision. A bank for umbilical cords, assures treatment of over 75 diseases and has the potential to cure many more in the future. The facility of stem cell banking should be available to you. Cloudnine hospitals have a state of the art, stem cell banking facility that we recommend.

2. What is their staff like?

Do your bit of research on their staff, nursing and medical. Pay a visit to the hospital yourself and have a chat with them. Are they warm and obliging? Cloudnine has an amazing line of medical and nursing staff that is creditable and quite popular. A detrimental mistake one often makes is choosing the doctor who they aren’t comfortable with. This will make for a rushed taking from the experience, its enchantment.

3. Do they have happy customers?

Testimonials too, are critical to whether a hospital is right for you or not. Lots of testimonials and good feedback are all green flags and should weigh in on your final decision. Happy mommies pave the way for mommies to be!

4. Is the hospital close by?

Whether the hospital is in close proximity to where you live? This is a significant question to ask in case you go into labor unexpectedly which is always the case. A hospital, a stone's throw away should always be your first decision for a maternity hospital.

5. Do you see yourself there?

Take a virtual tour of the hospital. Cloudnine hospitals has an elaborate virtual tour option right at their homepage. You could use it to look around without actually being there! Do you see yourself and your child in the hospital you choose? Sometimes, choosing the hospital where your child comes into this world is all about the gut feeling. Go with what strikes you as ideal for your baby and you.

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