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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Atta

Soft, delicious rotis with a side of tasty curry or pickle is a meal that no Indian will refuse. The first step towards making those perfect, enviable rotis is choosing the right atta. With so many attas in the market, we tend to gravitate towards the more flashy ones but I’ve found that these are not always nutritious and healthy. Here are the things I usually look for while buying atta: 

1. Whole grains

It is very important for the atta you use to be made from whole grains. In general, whole grains contain three layers - bran (the outer layer), endosperm (the middle layer) and the germ (the inner layer). Refined grains are obtained after getting rid of the bran and the germ which is where most of the nutrients lie. I researched about why refined grains are used instead of whole grains and then found that it is done to improve shelf life and to obtain a softer texture. But in this process, a lot of nutrients are lost. Remember- Whole grains will always have an upper hand over refined grains. You might have to look at the ingredients list to see if your atta contains refined grains or whole grains.

2. The colour and the texture

Colour: The colour may vary depending on the ingredients in it. It should ideally be off-white or a little darker in colour. A white atta is an indication of maida being mixed with it.

Texture: Contrary to popular belief, the policy of smoother the better doesn’t hold good in case of atta. Atta should be a little grainy in texture as this means that the grains used in the atta are whole grains.

3. The cost of the atta

None of us want the atta we buy to burn a hole in our pockets. It is a common misconception that costly products are more effective or more nutritious. More often than not, expensive atta products just contain unnecessary stuff or they’re just overcharging. You need to make sure that the atta is made of high-quality ingredients while still being cost-effective.

4. The nutritional facts

It is unfortunate that not a lot of us look beyond the labels on the product. Even if we do turn the product around, the only things we pay attention to are the expiry date and the price of the product. Arguably, the most important information about a product can be found in the nutritional facts and the ingredients list. Ideally, the atta that you buy should be low in sodium, saturated fat and sugars. It should be high in protein, fiber and vitamins. This information helped me make an informed choice about the atta me and my family consumes.

5. Look out for fiber

Fiber is really important to make sure your digestive system is healthy and functioning. Actually, fiber that you intake is neither absorbed nor digested, it helps in adding bulk to the digested food for easier elimination. Even harmful carcinogens can be gotten rid of from your body if your diet contains adequate fiber! The good news is that it isn’t just from fruits and vegetables that one can obtain fiber, you can also get fiber from atta. So, always keep an eye out for atta products that have fiber in them because it is super essential.

One amazing atta that I found in the market which makes for tasty and nutritious rotis is Aashirvaad atta with multigrains. It is enriched with the goodness of 6 different grains - wheat, soya, channa, oat, maize and psyllium husk. Without compromising the taste of my handmade rotis, it fills my diet with proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber and much more. Starting your day with rotis made out of this multigrain atta will help keep you and your family active and energetic throughout the day. Be sure to grab this one next time you’re at the grocery store or you can also buy it online here

Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains

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