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5 Things To Avoid Putting In Your Baby’s Feeding Bottle

Whether you’re formula feeding your baby right from the start or after the first 6 months, the transition to a bottle is inevitable. It is extremely important to keep an eye on what you put into the feeding bottle as it affects your baby’s health. Here are 5 such things you should never add to your baby’s milk :

1. Gripe water

Gripe water is usually used to treat indigestion and tummy problems in newborns. But there isn’t actually enough scientific evidence to prove that this works on your little one. It might put them to sleep and calm them down but that’s as far the power of gripe water goes. So there’s actually no reason for you to add this to your baby’s feeding bottle.

2. Milk thickeners

Few parents use thickeners like corn flour or rice cereal to thicken the milk. It is a commonly believed myth that these milk thickeners can cure acid reflux in babies but sometimes they can make it worse. On top of that, it could lead to constipation or constant coughing for your little one.

3. Prune juice

Because of the fiber content that is present in prune juice, it is believed that it can cure constipation in babies. But too much fiber can have adverse effects like decreasing the ability to absorb nutrients. Unless you are specifically advised by your doctor to include prune juice in your baby’s diet, stay away from it.

4. Corn syrup

It is an old wives’ tale that corn or Karo syrup can help with treating common discomfort in newborns. But a recent study showed that corn syrup can actually cause botulism, a type of food poisoning. So best avoid using corn syrup as a home remedy for colic.

5. Water

This may be quite shocking since water is seemingly harmless. But for breastfeeding babies, there’s no need to add water to their diet. Breastmilk is enough to keep them hydrated even on hot and humid days. Also, use only the recommended amount of water for formula milk and don’t try to dilute it further.

When you take so much care during pregnancy to make sure your little one is safe and sound in the womb, then why not continue to do in the first few months after your child is born? Do not believe in age-old tales and myths, ask your doctor before adding or deleting any little thing from your baby’s diet. 

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