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5 Things That You Must Avoid During Breastfeeding

After pregnancy, we often feel it’s time to say goodbye to the overdose of precaution and care. But the truth is that you can’t instantly jump back to your normal routine if you’re nursing or breastfeeding your child. It’s very important for nursing moms to follow a strict diet since what you eat will nourish and protect your baby from infections and diseases. There’s a certain list of what will go on your plate and what would be out of it to meet the nutritional and nurturing needs of your baby. Here comes the list of the food items that you must avoid during breastfeeding since they can be fatal for your baby.

Artificial sweetener

The most commonly used artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose can sweeten your taste buds but they definitely don’t contain a sweet dose of wellness for your baby. These artificial sweeteners can directly pass through your blood vessels getting into your bloodstream in high level and they ultimately transfer into your milk from there. You should avoid consuming these artificial sweeteners during lactation because your babies can easily absorb it from your milk leading to a harmful effect on their overall health.


If you’ve been hardly resisting caffeine in your daily diet during pregnancy then you might get disheartened to know that your wait for the tasty treat of caffeine might extend a bit longer even after your pregnancy. While lactating if you have caffeine in your diet it can easily enter your bloodstream and traces of it can also end up in your breast milk. Your baby can’t easily get rid of caffeine from their body that accumulates after lactation and it largely accumulates in his system. You can have caffeine once your baby reaches the age of 3 as it becomes easier at this age to get rid of it by excreting it. But till then you need to totally cut it from your diet.


Alcohol is one, of course, that should be totally avoided while you’re lactating your baby. Alcohol is one of those drinks that easily penetrates into your breastmilk from the bloodstream and it stops the milk from flowing freely, leading to the production of less milk. This will not only make your baby craving for milk but soon they will become quite fussy too.

Processed food

When you think of your baby purity is the first thing that comes to your mind. You want to make sure that everything is distilled, clean and safe for your baby. But do you know that even when you’re taking every precaution to keep your baby away from artificial and unhygienic products a single dose of processed food that you’ve during lactation can be extremely toxic for the baby as they contain harmful preservatives and additives in it? It can also cause colic and sleep deprivation in your babies. So it’s better to prevent these food items so that your baby doesn’t turn fussy.

Spicy food

One thing that can cause a shift in your baby’s behaviour and the reaction is the intake of spicy food in your daily diet. Though these spicy tongue enhancers can give an overdose of taste they’re not quite good for your baby. You can easily notice the behavioural changes by having it a day and seeing the adverse reaction of it on your baby the next day.

These food items might be a temptation for your taste buds but they’ll do nothing good for your baby. Help your baby bond with you in an unmatched way by avoiding these food items that are not less than toxins for them while you’re lactating. After all, a happy baby comes from a happy mom. 

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