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5 Things That Could Cause A Preterm Baby

Although you take extra care during pregnancy, sometimes you might do things that could turn out to have potentially dangerous side effects. Here are few such seemingly harmless things one should avoid during pregnancy:

1. Loading up on bananas

What could bananas do? They’re fruit and fruit is good. But the potassium present in bananas could cause nerve impulses and muscle contractions. When a mom eats more than enough bananas, the high potassium levels could trigger uterus muscle contractions that work towards pushing a baby out.

2. Not packing on enough pounds

Women naturally put on a few kgs when they become pregnant. When this doesn’t happen because of excessive dieting or any eating disorders, it might become a problem. So don’t go for any crazy diets or heavy hot yoga sessions during pregnancy.

3. Getting stressed

Several things could make you stressed or anxious but everytime you lose your calm, so does your baby. It was seen in a study that stressed mommies were more likely give birth to premature babies or babies who are underweight. So mommies, take a chill pill and enjoy your pregnancy.

4. Exposure to harmful chemicals

There are many hidden chemicals in household cleaners and everyday items that could trigger an early exit of the baby. This could be because you inhaled them or they came in direct contact with your skin. Apart from preterm birth, it could also result in birth defects or disrupt the peaceful environment in the womb.

5. Untreated Gestational diabetes

Women with pre-existing conditions like PCOS, obesity, or glucose intolerance have higher chances of developing gestational diabetes. With the right diet and exercise, gestational diabetes can be managed and the mom can successfully give birth to a healthy baby. But in cases where it is left untreated, the mom could give birth to a premature baby. 

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