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5 Things People Won’t Understand About Motherhood

There’s nothing like the feeling of being a mom. You have to deal with extreme highs and lows. Even with a lack of sleep and official sick days, the amazed pride you feel when you see your kid growing up in front of you can’t be put in words. Yet, there are plenty of not-so-great sides of motherhood which not all people may understand.

1. Motherhood is a ticking time bomb 

The amount of effort and hard work that you put in as a mom to bring up your kid really deserves some credit. There is so much emphasis on all the great parts, but people often cut out the difficult experiences. Sometimes you feel you’ll need a gadget-like arm to finish off the never-ending tasks of motherhood. You might even start to feel frustrated by the sleepless nights and unending errands. People may not tell you about the lows in motherhood, but look out and be prepared.

2. No control over your life

Your baby will operate the remote control of your life. Even when you’re feeling sleepy, you can’t have those wishful dreams of sleeping in the wee hours of the morning. You’ll constantly worry in your mommy brain about your kid's happiness and safety and this will leave you believing that you’re fresh and happy even when you’re tired after being awake the whole night. Your dinner table previously full of pizzas and hamburgers will get replaced by green veggies and fruits, and whatever important work you’re doing at any hour of the day, you’ll abandon it the moment your baby cries.

3. There’s no privacy

Nursing can be really hard for new mommies and it might seem like the boundaries of privacy no more exist in your life. Your social outings may be interrupted by trips to the baby care room to feed or change diapers. You may be interrupted while you’re in the bathroom, or have to rush out of you shower if your baby begins to cry. After all, your baby’s well-being is what you always put first.

4. Your choices no more exist

As a new mom who is nursing, your baby will dictate your food choices. You’ll try to cater to all demands and eat to fulfill your baby’s nutritional requirements. You’ll probably stop watching your favourite serials and start watching cartoons with your kids. Your visits to the gym will be replaced by the rigorous tasks of catering to your baby or running behind your child. People may not see that you’re becoming a mature and more caring version of yourself - but you’ll definitely feel the change from within.

5. Motherhood creates strange alliances

Your friendships will have to be temporarily sidelined after kids enter your life. Even when your friends invite you to movies, parties and other outings - you might be too busy to go because you’re busy looking after your child. Yet, it will be worth every moment because you won’t be worried if your kid is alright. You’ll also begin to make new friends when you meet expectant moms/moms like yourself at the playground or preschool.

The highs of motherhood do not come without the lows, and not many people may understand that your priorities have shifted. Can the pride and happiness of watching your child grow be really replaced by anything else? 

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