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5 Things Nobody Will Tell You About Parenting

There is always stories and advice about pregnancy and childbirth, but not many people talk about parenting. You know why? Because each day of a parent offers “huh, I never knew that” feelings. No matter how much you speculate about how life changes after a kid, you will never really know what it is like until and unless you have one. To give you a head-start in knowing the reality of parenting, here are five hard truths about parenting that no one talks about.

Weight gaining is easy:

Once you are a parent, you would put on weight easily. You would feel like just the smell of food can add unnecessary calories to your body and make you put on weight. But why it actually happens is a different story. Kids love candies, ice-creams and all the sugary foods. They purchase a big candy bar and eat a tiny bit of it and tell you that they are full. As a parent, what are you gonna do? You just gobble the whole candy instead of throwing away. This kind of treats often contributes to those extra kilos in your body.

Parenthood feels like a mistake: 

Parenthood is not all butterflies and rainbows. The person who says so is either inexperienced or lying. Parenting is hard work. Alike the joys, regrets are also tightly knit with the parenting. There will be times when you feel the decision of becoming a parent was a huge mistake. There will be times you would be even contrived to give up on the things you like or the events you wanted to attend. You might be pushed to cancel the girls night to take care of your child. You might be strained to miss the office parties to attend parent-teacher conferences. You might stop cooking your favourite dish because your kid doesn’t like it. It often triggers the tinges of regrets and makes you wonder why did you take such a big leap in life.

There is no such thing as trust: 

You would love and care your bundle of joy with your heart and soul. You would do anything to keep him safe and happy and you assume that no one can do that for your baby just like you do. You will have trust issues while dropping off your child at the daycare or having a babysitter while you are at work. You don’t trust anyone watching your child. It is perfectly normal because as a parent you always have the best intentions for your child.

Never-ending work:

Parenting is tough and pretty much all the tasks could be turned into difficult and longer one. Only after you step into parenthood you would realize how easy life was before having a baby. Before having a child, going for a walk was relaxing and effortless. Most likely, you would grab the keys, threw on some shoes and left holding the hand of your spouse. But after having a child, the same walk is a mission that takes forever to achieve. You would have a list of never-ending tasks to do and list of never-ending things to pack. Even a short trip to a park could be like getting ready for an international trip. Parenting is busy and loaded with ceaseless tasks. It is a bitter truth no one talks about but all the veterans accept.

A lifelong heartbreak is inevitable: 

You have nourished your baby in the womb for 9 long months. You have given birth to your baby keeping your life at stake. Once your baby steps into this world, you always feel like your heart is walking outside your body. You would love him, care for him, protect him. But after some time, your baby grows up. He would like to explore the world all by himself. He wouldn’t ask your help while crossing the road, he wouldn’t ask you to drop him off to school, he wouldn’t ask you to play with him, he would even keep his feelings for himself. And that could shatter you. That could break your heart like never before. And it is okay. All you can do is teaching your child how to face the world and wish the best for him.

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