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5 Things No One Told You About Motherhood!

You might be overwhelmed by the whole pregnancy, but the truth is things don’t get any easier once the baby arrives, if anything it just gets so much harder. The joy you receive will also be way different than anything you’ve ever known. Motherhood is hard but it is worth it.

1. You will have absolutely no time for yourself.

Well now that the baby is here, you will have no time for yourself. You have a new person in your life. A living breathing baby who is your responsibility. You can never leave your baby alone. A baby requires constant care, you are required to tend to your baby’s every need. This will be hard but you will see that it is worth it. Your baby will give you a new found happiness.

2. Things with your partner will really change.

It’s inevitable but things with your spouse will change and there will be nothing you can do about it. You will just have to accept it. Living with a baby is no cake walk. You need to share responsibility for him/her equally. So you will fight with your partner but know that this is normal and you will get through it and say bye- bye to all the romance that governed your marriage previously. You just will not have the time or energy for it.

3. Grooming yourself? Forget about it.

Those parlour days? Taking care of each facet of your looks? Now that you have a baby you will have no time for all of that, because your baby will become your life. A hair appointment at the parlour will be a huge thing.

4. You are not in control of everything.

You would’ve read a bunch of books and watched a number of videos on how to take care of your baby once it comes. But motherhood is hard. You aren’t in control of anything like when your baby needs to sleep when your baby needs to eat nothing. You will have to adjust to your baby and so you have to be flexible.

5. You will be tired.

Taking care of a baby is a full-time job and it’s not easy. You have to take care of everything which will be really tiring. It generally takes mothers 8 weeks to adjust to their new lifestyle. You can’t expect to be completely fit. Either you will still have the weight you put on during pregnancy and how long it takes to recover will depend on whether you’ve delivered the baby vaginally or had a C-section, how much sleep you’re getting, and how fast your hormone levels settle down. Don’t worry, it will all settle down.

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