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5 Things Moms Who Just Had Their Second Baby Can Relate To

Having a child once itself is tough enough for almost all the mothers. Having another child, however, is a feat of its own. The expectations and intrigues are significantly lowered and yet the troubles are still the same. There are a lot of different and varied things that the moms having a second child go through. And in order to tell you about it, we have made a list of 5 such things that the moms who had their second child will be able to relate to.

1. Wondering how you forgot how much stuff babies need

It’s not the co-sleeper and the rocker you trip over every time you make your way through the living room that you forgot, it’s everything you need to bring when you leave the house. You haven’t used a diaper bag for months and, now, packing it with diapers, wipes, multiple outfits, and all kinds of other trinkets is simply crazy. You just start wondering how can you forget all these things so soon.

2. You feel like an expert every day

Since you have gone through it all once and have kind of done it, there will surely be residual memories from that time and you will be able to push through it all with ease. And as you slowly and steadily get into the activities of raising your second little one, muscle memory will take over and you will be able to do everything a bit more smoothly this time around.

3. You tend to feel clueless at times

Though you have gone through raising a child already, raising two children at the same time is a problem. There are sure to be times when your elder child will ask weird and different questions. Sometimes, there will even be times that both of them will start crying at the same time and you will have to be there for both of them together. Things like these are not something you have ever experienced and thus it is likely that you will be clueless about somethings.

4. You finally understand how parents can sometimes forget their own kids’ birthday

After your first was born, you swore that you’d never forget his important details. Perhaps you have his birth time, weight, and length memorized. Perhaps you know exactly what his first food was or how old he was when he crawled. Now you have two, though, and you really get how some parents let their kiddos’ details slip away. With your brain so full of immediate needs, sometimes it’s easy for the details to get lost.

5. You realize that the second baby is going to have a much less quiet life

Your first baby spent its early weeks swaddled in whispers. You second baby was greeted at a few hours old with the sounds of a stomping toddler, shouting her joy and excitement into the previously quiet hospital room. And that’s the time you realise that your younger child is going to have a very different life than what your elder one had till now. Changes are coming and you will have to be ready for them.

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