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5 Things I Would Like To Say To My Mother-In-Law

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Mother-in-law, the mother of your husband and the crusher of dreams. Her constant nagging and her cold stares; Sometimes, you wonder what you did wrong to deserve it? Let's forget about the way things are for a minute and let's imagine a perfect world. In a perfect world, what do you wish your mother-in-law understood?

So, here are 5 things every girl would want her mother-in-law to know:

1. Nobody is perfect

nobody is perfect

Your house might not win the 'cleanest home of the year' award, your cooking may not have the right balance of sugar and spice, but you try. Trying is what matters, whether you try your best is what counts. Your mother in law should not expect for the best in the world from you but know that you are doing your best, everyday. Also, on a side note, she isn't all that perfect, herself.

2. We fight with the ones we love

we fight with the ones we love

The spats you have over the pinch of dust over by the windowsill or the quarrels over the pinch of salt you needed to add to the curry; It is all in good faith, right? Fighting does not make you two sworn enemies. Okay, so, maybe you guys don't exactly adore each other but you respect each other and that should be enough.

3. Understanding is caring

understanding is caring

She was once, the daughter in law too - Saans bhi kabhi bahu thi. She knows the trials and tribulations of being new to a household. Oh, how they judge you! Then why doesn't she understand you if you get up late sometimes or are too sick to be doing chores. The point is, she needs to cut you some slack!

4. Home is where the heart is

home is where the heart is

This is your home too now! Urghh! She needs to stop thinking that she rules the kingdom, that she is the queen bee. You get to make decisions too. You need to feel like a part of the family and it is unfair to take that away from you. The kingdom should be handed over to the young and the fun!

5. What's mine is yours

what's mine is yours

Her son will always be her son and your coming into his life is not going to distance him from her. She needs to understand this, the sooner, the better because you’re at your wit's end with her trying to find fault with you. She does it out of insecurity over her baby boy but makes your life hell fire in the process. Please know this, mummy dearest, you shoes are not being filled.

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