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5 Things Every Husband Wants But Will Never Talk About

Relationships are complicated. That’s not a statement, and it’s not a fact either. It’s the universal truth. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it because that’s just the way human beings are.

Every problem has a couple of root causes and when you look at relationship problems, there are a couple of causes that can be firmly put down:

- Lack of communication.

- The society.

- Life.

It’s as simple as that. In this blog post we will be looking at the first root cause - ‘lack of communication’ with respect to a husband-wife relationship.

Women like sharing their thoughts with others. Men on the other hand, shy away from it too often. In short, they follow the selective communication model developed by themselves. By doing so, men actually build up a certain degree of resentment within themselves. This resentment causes problems. Men are also impaired by their ego. Hence, women, listen up. These are 5 of the most important things that every husband wants but will never talk to you about or ask you for:

1. Appreciation

If your husband gets you a beautiful present or plans out a really romantic evening for you both; appreciate him and let him know that you appreciate him. Letting him know that you appreciate him is a key ingredient in your relationship. But try not to go too far, because it will look like and become a formality. And formalities will ruin it.

2. Surprises

Husbands love surprises just as much as you do, despite what people might say. Society has made it seem like surprises are meant for women, but the truth is men enjoy the feeling too. If your husband loves sports, buy two tickets to go with him to his favourite team’s game. You can also book tickets to a movie he has been waiting to watch.

3. Morale Upliftment

This goes without saying. In any relationship, each partner expects the other to be there when they need them the most. Husbands are usually stressed about work, money, and their family responsibilities, so try to make sure that when he comes back from work, he comes back to a stress-free, relaxing environment. If things haven’t gone his way, let him know that you are there for him and that together, the both of you can get through it easily. Make sure that he knows that you believe in his capabilities.

4. Minimum gossip, more meaningful talk

Nobody is to blame here but women are more chatty than men. Men are indifferent to gossip and it can sometimes really annoy them. That’s not to say that you cannot talk to him at all. You can. Talk to him, husbands love that. But try to keep the gossip at the minimum. Gossip with your friends, the responses will be better than a nod filled with resentment or indifference that you would otherwise get.

5. Acceptance

If he’s your husband, accept him for who he is. Sure, he may have his faults but everyone does. If something about him bothers you too much, tell him so once or twice. If you see no change and it’s in relation to something trivial, just leave it alone. It’s not the end of the world, you know you love him anyway.

One’s not really a psychologist but after reading this article, you wouldn’t bet against it would you? Hope this article helped a little. What else has worked for you? Let everyone know! 


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