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5 Things Doctors Don't Tell New Moms

There are a lot of things that doctors do not tell new mothers. Some of them are intentionally skipped from the list of do’s and don’ts, but most of the things are too generic to be told by a doctor. There are countless books and magazines written on this topic, not to mention several other articles on the internet.

You can Google and read a lot of different stories by new mothers or mothers who have had more than one pregnancy. What you will notice is the fact that you never truly know everything there is to know related to the phenomenon of creation and generation of a new life. At times, even doctors admit to not having known of certain unusual but completely normal occurrences.

Here are 5 things that doctors do not tell new moms:

1. Eat good food

This may seem like a general proposition that you do not actually need to be told about. Often, during pregnancy, mothers feast on junk food and as much food as they like since they are under the notion that everything and anything is allowed when it comes to food during pregnancy. But that is not true. Eating healthy during pregnancy and after pregnancy is just as crucial as eating healthy at other times. Just remember that every single thing that you eat gets transferred to your baby through breastfeeding. So while you can indulge once in a while, do not make it a habit.

2. Ask for help

Doctors will never, ever tell you this. No one will ever tell you this. Pregnancy in itself is a huge task and can be extremely exhausting. Ask for help whenever you require it but at the same time make sure that you do not use pregnancy as an excuse to laze around and avoid even the simplest of tasks. Doing a few chores around the house or continuing to choose to work even until the 9th month is completely alright as long as you don’t overdo yourself.

3. Mental health is crucial

Pregnancy will take you through a whirlwind of emotions and so will childbirth. Just because you have passed the phase of pregnancy and entered parenthood, does not mean that you will be all fine and good. In fact, parenthood is even more challenging. The first year of your baby will be extremely difficult and while you should take care of your physical health and sleeping patterns, also take care of your mental health.

4. Your body can do this

You may reach a stage, especially when you enter labour when you might feel that you cannot take it anymore and your body might give in. Think of all the mothers who went through similar experiences and came out on the other side with a bundle of joy in their hands. Remember that the human body is made for this and you can do it. Willpower is the most important thing while going through childbirth and also through the process of handling new parenthood.

5. Bonding takes time

When we say bonding, it refers to all bonds. Be it the bond with your baby or within your family or the relationship that you have to re-invent with your partner, things will take time. Just be patient and good things will come your way.

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