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Being in the Army is the toughest job in the world. The Army is a nation’s pride, and it lives up to those ideals as it defends the country, keeping us all safe and ensuring our freedom every single day. Army men deserve a huge deal of admiration and gratitude for the risks they take for our safety and happiness every day.

As they say, beside every successful man is a loving, loyal and praiseworthy wife. Army wives also deserve their moment of praise and appreciation, and this post is for them. After years of being an Army wife, certain experiences might become very commonplace for you, and these are some things you will definitely relate to if you are an Army wife:

1. You pack and unpack a LOT

As an Army wife, you’ll realise that your husband’s postings change every few years or months, and that as a result, you spend a good deal of time simply boxing, unboxing and reboxing your household items. Over the years, you even might become really fast and organized at packing your things before the move.

2. The wait for every message

This is something that goes without saying, and there’s no easy way to say it either. You obviously miss your husband while he’s away and only able to send you some letters, and it doesn’t help when others remind you that there’s a long while until he comes home from his posting.

It doesn’t help when others ask you how long until your husband gets back either. They’re all a reminder of your wait, and you need no such reminders. You miss him despite trying to prepare for the time apart, and that’s totally normal. Don’t let the others tell you how to feel or not feel about it.

3. You’ve learned a lot of new skills

As an Army wife, spending most of your time without your husband around, you’ve learnt to do things that are otherwise traditionally ‘men’s roles.’ Maybe you didn’t know the skills you needed when you first married, but over the years, you learn a number of skills, and you can pretty much handle most of the easy as well as difficult tasks that come your way. You’re multi-talented now!

4. You meet a lot of people

The Army is your husband’s family too, so you’ll be attending a lot of social gatherings with your husband’s colleagues and their families. You’ll meet your husband’s seniors, juniors, and their wives, and you’ll all be a group that is knit together by the shared experience of the Army - either as soldiers or as their better halves. These people will be like your extended family, and a huge source of support for you in most cases. Your children also become friends and grow up with some good memories together.

5. You have to be strong for the kids

This is definitely the toughest part of being an Army wife or having any relatives in the Army. You’re constantly worried about their safety but you know that you have to put on a brave face so that your kids and others at home don’t feel what you’re feeling. And you might even realise you’re stronger than you were before. You get stronger every day and are a source of support for your kids as well as your partner, who knows that your strength and grace will keep the family safe while they are away.

As an Army wife and mother, you have quite a lot of experiences that we may otherwise not even begin to understand. What the Army and their families do for our safety is truly great, and deserves a round of appreciation every day! 'Jai Hind.'

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