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5 Symptoms You Should Not Ignore After Delivery

Childbirth and delivery are a beautiful and wondrous process. The moment the mother delivers her child, all the hardships she faced in the previous 9 months just vanishes away and instead it is filled with happiness and joy. Even then, there are some signs and symptoms that you should not ignore no matter how happy or tired you are. These signs can be related to some underlying problem that might need intervention almost immediately. 

1. A backache or a headache

Having a back or a headache can be due to some side-effects of the epidural or anaesthesia that was given to you during delivery. So, it is important that if you experience something like this then you consult your doctor once. Also, you can have pain in your back or head due to preeclampsia as well. 

2. If you have bad thoughts or anxiety

If you get frequent mood swings or you get bad thoughts or have a troubled mind then it can be a sign of postpartum depression. People often ignore all such mental difficulties they face and then over time they end up becoming a big problem. Thus, it is important that proper care is taken and you should talk to a doctor immediately.

3. Excessive bleeding

Another major symptom that you need to be prepared and ready for is postpartum bleeding. After the baby is born, there is some blood loss for some days which is a normal thing to happen. But, even then, if there is excessive bleeding then you need to consult your doctor immediately.

4. Chest pain

If you are having chest pain after breastfeeding or have trouble breathing then it might be some post-pregnancy complication that is causing this. There might be some infection that has spread and thus it becomes important that you get medical attention immediately and without much delay.

5. Having high fever

Fever is always an indicator of some illness or even the early onset of a disease that might affect your health drastically. Fever can also be due to sever antibodies function happening in your body. Thus, it is important that you talk to your doctor soon if you have a high fever.

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