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5 SURPRISING Facts About Condoms You Did Not Know

Condoms, as we already know, are the most effective non-invasive method of birth control. By stopping the sperm from reaching the uterus, it is effectively able to prevent fertilization and thereby pregnancy. But, this global awareness about condoms has been a recent thing. And in order to support this awareness about condoms and the need for population control, we would like to tell you some facts about condoms.

1. They are very very ancient

Contrary to the general belief, condoms and the concept of condoms have been there in the world for a long time. Recently, a French cave was found bearing the painting of a man using a condom. This cave painting has been estimated to be approximately 12,000-15,000 years old. So, our long forgotten ancestors have been using condoms and have been contributing to a sustainable population.

2. They were not always latex and rubber

Rubber was invented recently in the late 19th century. But, as we have already established, condoms were being used thousands of years before that. So, it is only obvious that the condoms were made from materials other than synthetic rubber. A museum in Australia houses the oldest available condom dating back to the 17th century. It has been made from intestines of a pig. Other materials such as animal bladders, fish skin, tortoise shells, animal horns and oiled silk paper were also used to make condoms.

3. They have been used to protect rifles

Yes, you read it correctly. Sex has not been the only use of condoms in the times gone by. As recent as the 1940s, during the Second World War, soldiers used condoms to prevent rust formation on their rifles when they were crossing salt water. They did so by covering the rifle barrels with this latex object.

4. They were inspired by tyres

The first latex condom came out in the year 1855. It was also the year when Charles Goodyear came up with his unique rubber vulcanization process. And it has actually been proven that the rubber tyres were the major inspiration for rubber condoms. So, there you have it, would you have ever believed that of all the things in the world, tyres were the reason we have latex condoms.

5. Their sales increase 10 fold during Valentine’s Day

It is no secret that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day that is celebrated throughout the world. And as such, it is but obvious that the process of lovemaking as well happens the most on this day. And when there is sex, condoms have to be involved. That is the reason why condom vendors see an increase in their sales to as much as 10 times more.

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