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5 Sure Shot Ways To Make Your Baby Giggle With Delight

Seeing your baby laughing in glee is the greatest joy in the entire world. Parents light up when they see their bundle of joy dissolve into riotous laughter. If you really want to add more giggles and smiles in your baby’s life then here are some sure shot ways to erase the frown on your baby’s face and add some twinkle to his laughter. Get your baby chuckle from head to toe with laughter with these easy tricks. 

Make funny faces

If you want to see that magical laughter on your kid’s face then try making funny faces and your kid will surely roll down on the floor with laughter. Kids really enjoy when you act like a monkey and whisk your body, or narrow your eyes and stick out your tongue or try to act like a bunny with bulging belly and a funny walk. You can easily inject an endless dose of laughter on your baby’s face by pulling a funny face and acting like a clown. Your little champ won’t be able to resist laughing out crazily when you break into a crazy comedian in front of them.

Throw in some silly voices

One thing that has always worked to get a chuckle out of your kids is when you threw in funny voice such as pretending to sneeze, singing a nursery rhyme in a funny tone, meow like a cat and giggle like a rabbit in front of them. Yes, you need to act like a kid too to bring memorable laughs on your kid’s face. Your little champ will surely find you funny when you thrown in these funny voices and will get into an uncontrollable non-stop giggling fun.

Break into a crazy dancer

Kids find it extremely funny when you dance crazily in front of them showing your kickass moves. Your dancing efforts will surely get rewarded with fits of giggles from your kids and they’ll bond more easily with you when they’ll see the lighter side of yourself. You can even take inspiration from Youtube for the funniest moves and burst your kids into laughter.

The magic of tickles

Nothing pleases your baby more than a tickle on their body. Run your fingers along your baby’s ticklish spots and get ready for the most magical dose of laughter. The best thing about tickling your little angel is that it is a fun thing to do and sets off your baby on a laughter riot. We bet you won’t be able to resist the charm of giggles on your baby’s face when you tickle him, in turn, making him laugh.

Imitate your little one

Your little bundle of joy will giggle out louder if you’ll try to copy his hand movements, facial expression, and voice. Try speaking in the same way your baby speaks and repeat the words that he utters. It’ll act like magic to lighten up your baby’s mood and will add shrieks of happiness on his face. Get ready for some baby giggling with this type of munching that can instantly amuse your little one and have him into fits of laughter.

Break into smiles as your kid chortles with glee with these easy tips. After all, there is nothing more precious in this world than your kid’s laughter.

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