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5 Strategies To Prepare Your Kid For School

Once your kid hits the school age your house will turn into a battleground as your kid will indulge in all kinds of protests to avoid school. Whether it’s by faking sickness, wailing or crying to get out of the pyjamas your kids will have a hundred reasons to skip the school. Kids often throw tantrums and beg to stay at home when you get them ready for preschool. In order to counter the difficulties and set your child on the path of academic success, you need to get him ready for preschool activities by providing him with a mix of playful and active experiences. Here are few ideas that can make your kid’s transition from babyhood to elementary school age a smooth experience. 


Play dates are a great way to help your kid’s energy and effort flow in the right direction. Try to enrol your kids in a class where he recognizes few of the other children and feels comfortable with them. You can also arrange a playdate few days before the preschool starts so that the kid becomes used to the environment and the people. Your kid will definitely benefit when he’ll already have a friend with him on the first day of the class. You can arrange several play dates so that the kids get ample of time to know each other and exchange warm regards.

Leave your kid for short time

If you don’t want too much of wailing and crying on the first day of your kid's school then it’s better to practice separation so that the kid learns to live without you for some time. You can either go grocery shopping for a short length of time or visit your friend’s house nearby. This will erase the worry from your kid’s heart to venture into an unfamiliar place without you and they’ll not be afraid of starting something unfamiliar.

Reduce the fun at home

Many kids just refuse to go to school because they find home a better place to be. If you make staying at home a bit boring children will start taking interest on to the new place and the battle of getting him out of the door will finish. Reduce their screen time at home and avoid giving perks to them while they stay at home. This will make him feel that even when they fake sickness to skip school sick day won’t be a fun day. This will excite him to spend more time at school than at home.

Try to recognize his worries

Your kid might be facing a specific problem but can’t quite express. In this situation, it becomes important to find out why he’s afraid of going to school. If he frequently makes excuses to skip school someone might be bullying him or he might have got a severe punishment for the skill. You need to find the real problem by talking to him compassionately. Often a bit of extra attention is required to help him verbalize the unpleasant situation he’s facing.

Small treats

Kids love surprises and when you make the school going experience fun for them you leave no reason for them to skip the school. Start by treating it as a special affair where you excite him to pick his favourite backpack and give him small perks if he doesn’t throw tantrums on the first day of the school. You can also prepare his favourite food and pack it in his lunch box which will further excite him that if he goes to school he’ll get to eat his favourite brownie or chocolate. These little perks can work like magic to excite him to go to school without making it a huge fuss. 

Help your kid get back to school with these easy strategies. Your kid’s adaptation to a new place can become quite easier if you give him full attention, listen and bond with him. 


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