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5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Partner Happy

how to be a happy couple

A soulmate might be something that not everyone believes in until they meet them. Though every relationship has its ups and downs. We have to fight through and take efforts, make sacrifices in order to keep your loved one happy. A relationship tends to lose the newness and the spark after a year or two and it is up to us to keep the spark alive by doing things to keep our partner happy.

1. Notice the changes

how to be a happy couple

Notice if the partner has changed something about them. Comment on it. It need not be always good unless you're a man and you have to talk about your woman! Just kidding. Honest opinions always help as they are constructive in a relationship. Though small changes can be noticed, you should never try and change your loved one as if you change them, they are no longer the people you fell in love with.

2. Small things matter too

how to be a happy couple

If you're a man, occasionally gift your woman flowers or chocolate. Yes, these may seem cliché but believe me! They will not stop thinking about these small thoughtful gifts you give them!. Anyway, if your woman does not appreciate the cliche, cook a hot meal for your woman and maybe arrange a small candlelight dinner for the two of you to make it special. You know what they say, a small flame can lead to a forest fire.

3. Take interest in their interests

how to be a happy couple

For a relationship to last, it takes effort. Naturally, both of you might not exactly like the same things and not have common interests but taking effort and knowing your partner's likes can actually be interesting and keep the relationship interesting as well. You need not like everything they like but it is important to respect the hobbies and interests of your partner for them to not feel "caged" with you.

4. Give them the breathing space!

how to be a happy couple

Some couples do EVERYTHING together which leads one of them to get tired of the other subconsciously. Have an occasional boys night out or a girls night out as it is a good channel to vent out. who knows?! You might see other couples outside and miss each other. Maybe your partner likes to enjoy a book on a Sunday afternoon alone from time to time and it is perfectly ok for you to let them. It is never too late for you to find yourself a hobby to do, you know!

5.Love them with all your heart

how to be a happy couple

Let's face it. Your partner is "THE ONE". They are yours because you love them. Every quality of them, every small detail about them you cherish. Being there for your partner emotionally and physically is a very important key in a relationship. Communicate with them and shower them with all your love as they are yours forever. 

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