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5 Simple Ways That Can Help To Improve Body Postures

Improve your posture by doing these exercises

A good posture can help a person look elegant and lean. The best way to achieve that is through exercise. The latter helps to strengthen the core- especially the lower back and abdominal muscles connecting the pelvis and the spine. While some exercises help to move the torso by rotating, flexing and extending the spine, others help to stabilize the spine and pelvis in a neutral position. Mentioned below are such exercises that can help to improve the posture of a person with elan.  

Plank pose

Plank pose to improve posture

The plank pose goes a long way to strengthen the shoulder, obliques, back muscles, and transverse abdominis. Keeping both the palms under the shoulder, the exercise begins with the hand and the knees. Both the legs are extended straight behind, with toes tucked under, a position resembling the top of a push-up. The abdominal muscle is then pulled in and the body gazed down to the floor. One should hold onto this position (the plank pose) until fatigued. Take some rest and repeat the steps. To increase the intensity, balance the forearm instead of the hands.

Core stabilizer

As indicative of the name, the Core Stabilizer plays a pivotal role in strengthening the core muscle, thereby stabilizing the pelvis. One should lie on the back with flat feet and hands behind the head. Press the lower back onto the floor with the head curled off the floor. Pull the navel inwards and upward towards the spine. Pull one knee into the chest while keeping the lower back pressed to the floor. If the lower back arches off the floor, extend the legs higher towards the ceiling. Repeat the steps with the other leg as well.

Yoga sit-up

Yoga sit-up exercises to improve posture

The Yoga sit-up is quite simple and moves the obliques and abdominis. Here, a person needs to lie on his/her back with feet flexed and legs straight. The arms should reach overhead onto the floor. Press the lower back into the floor. The move includes exhaling air and pulling the navel up and in towards the spine. While rolling up in slow motion, one should first reach the arms, followed by the shoulder and the head. Care should be taken to ensure only one vertebra is rolled up at a time. Follow this up by rolling the body back down. Repeat the steps 3-5 times. 

The new crunch

The New Church mainly involves the rectus abdominis and the obliques. Here, a person needs to lie on his/her back with a bent knee and a flat foot. Press the lower back onto the floor. The hand should be placed behind the head or reach the arms towards the knees. The move includes exhaling strongly pulling the navel inward and upward towards the spine. Gently curl the head and the shoulder off the floor. Hold onto the position for a while followed by coming back to the initial position. Repeat the steps three times.

Cobra pose

The cobra pose to improve posture

The Cobra pose plays an instrumental role in strengthening the back muscles and the erector spinae. Initiate the pose by lying on the floor on the stomach with a flat palm. Press the top of the foot on the floor. Exhale strongly and pull the abdominal muscles inwards and upwards. Lengthen out the spine and gently raise the head and the chest. Press the hip bones on the floor and relax the neck muscles. Now slowly come back to the initial position. Repeat the steps three times.

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