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5 Simple Daily Rituals To Make Your Day Happier

It is not very difficult to get lost in your day to day lives these days. While being busy is good for your mind and body, being too busy can have quite the opposite effect of what you intend. Make it a point to remove some time from your day to look around, stop and just breathe. Feel the air course through your lungs and forget about your troubles just for a little while.

There is so much stigma surrounding mental health or the lack of it, in the society that it is very difficult to express yourselves to the ones around you. You think twice before letting anyone in on your thoughts and emotions. Here is a gentle reminder that in the midst of all this soulful chaos, you are important. You are an extremely important person and you deserve to be happy.

Here are 5 rituals which you can follow on daily basis to make yourself happy:

1. Wake up early

Even if you don’t have to get to the office before 11, wake up early. This will give you a lot more extra time to self-reflect and to make your mornings more fruitful. Go outside for a walk and see how your mood changes when you breathe fresh air. Play light music while making breakfast in the kitchen, read a little something if you still have time on your hands before you get started for your day.

2. Disengage

We happen to get so engrossed in certain day to day things that we base our complete existence on them. That is not true. Be it work, kids, family issues, other problems; learn to push the pause button to analyze the moment from a third person’s point of view. Disengage periodically and cut yourself a little slack.

3. Help others

Helping others makes one very happy. The fact that you could do something, even if it is not much, makes a great difference. It has also been proven scientifically that people who help others tend to be happier in general. Connecting with others and empathizing with them helps you understand the importance of being there for each other.

4. Cultivate relationships

People derive their energy from other people. While is important be alone sometimes to enjoy your own company and to reflect upon things, cultivating relationships with the people around you is equally important. Make that call you’ve been postponing. Don’t just keep ‘making’ plans to meet up, but actually ‘execute’ them. Check up on your loved ones every day, even if is by sending them a single text message. Be kind to the people around you and you will automatically feel happy about your relationships.

5. Focus on your health

You will be a lot more efficient to face your problems if you have a good health. Being physically fit also keeps your mind fresh and helps you process things better. You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym. Many times it is simply not possible. In such cases, try to eat healthily and take a few minutes off for some breathing exercises and meditation. This will calm your mind and help you feel happy. 

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