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5 Signs That Your Family Is Under Stress

Many a times, you might feel an unfounded tension in your house which you aren’t quite able to put a finger upon. You may feel that everyone is on the edge all the time and that things are on the brink of an explosion. Just as an individual experiences stress and pressure, families do too.

In such situations, one should identify what the source of the general stress is and then take steps to deal with it in the best manner. Open internal communication channels and speak to one another about what is causing the tension or stress. Most of the times, however, people fail to notice that their family is under stress and hence end up not taking the necessary steps.

Here are a few signs that can help you identify if your family is under stress:

1. Sleep Issues

When there is too much stress, it can lead to insomnia. Sleep is the first thing that gets affected if a person or a group is under stress. The cycle is so gruesome that anyone can get easily trapped in it. Since you are stressed, you don’t sleep and that causes more stress. If you are feeling this strain, then put your kids to bed a half hour early so that you yourself can get a proper amount of sleep.

2. Tempers running high

If you notice that lately you have been yelling a little too much at one another, you might need to have a self-intervention. The more stressed a person feels, the more they tend to be constantly on the edge of their tolerance. In such cases, soften your voice and try to reason with yourself about the possible repercussions of your actions. Try practicing mindfulness and meditation to calm your nerves.

3. You spend less time together as a family

Make it a point to have at least one meal of the day together. This will not only help you all bond, but it will help share the happenings of each other’s day. Also, you will get to know your own family members better. Make sure that you listen to everyone without interrupting or judging so as to meet the same treatment when it is your turn to speak.

4. Children are withdrawing

Children are the best reflections of what goes on in a family. If your children are relatively older, they may lock themselves in their rooms for most part of the day. On the other hand, the younger ones may not go out to play as often as before. While these are sure signs of stress, do not mistake them with the need for space. Children require their own space and their needs should be respected too.

5. Imbalance in work and life

If you notice that you are struggling both at work and home, it might be a good idea to take a break to get refreshed. Taking a few days’ leave or a small weekend vacation will help you release the stress. This will also help you to approach things in a better manner so as to achieve better and more fruitful results. 

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