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5 Signs That You Are NOT Failing As A Mother

Feel like you are not doing enough for your children? Or that you are failing as a mother? Hold on mommies, don’t berate yourselves. It definitely is hard to control the tears when your precious one cries everytime you leave for work or when the mom-shamers criticize you for not being the ideal role model to your child. But the fact that you already worry about being a good mom, means that you care enough to improve yourself and the situation for your family. This means that you are already on the path of becoming the best mom your child deserves. Here are 5 signs that you are not failing as a mother - 

1. You know “mother” is not your only identity:

We all have heard someone or the other saying that a woman becomes fulfilled when she becomes a mother. Well, absolutely wrong! Motherhood is undoubtedly one of the best experience a woman can have. But, being a mother is not everything a woman is meant to be. If you understand that you aren’t just a mom and your responsibilities can be as diverse as you please, you are doing great as a mom.

2. You know to set your priorities straight:

Motherhood can a really overwhelming experience. From doing all the household works at home to completing all the daily tasks at office, from taking care of the babies to preparing food for everyone in the family, from doing all the grocery shopping by herself to balancing all the budget and finances, a mother needs to manage all her responsibilities within the span of only 24 hours. If you know what is the priority tasks at that particular time and set your routine accordingly, then you are an amazing mom already. Seriously, it is fine even if you have gone out to work without a bath someday or asked your family members to help you with the daily chores.

3. You know and accept that you are not perfect:

Relax mommies, nobody really is. Every mom wants to be the perfect mom, do everything perfectly and give everything perfect to their children as well as the family members. But in reality, every mom is bound to make mistakes - remember, to err is human! It is completely normal to be confused, nervous, anxious, frustrated or even angry at times. If you don’t criticise yourself too much when you make any mistake and learn from it so that you can do it better the next time, then you are already a great mom.

4. You know that you are allowed to have bad days:

The stress resulting from managing between all the responsibilities that come with motherhood can be pretty overwhelming for any mother. On some days, your naughty kids will warm your heart with awe but on some days, it will be difficult for you to not freak out with frustration. You may feel like locking yourself up in the bathroom or run away from all the responsibilities and never come back but then you always give in and do all the needful. Mommies, this is a sign that you are a responsible mother. You are going to have bad days every once in a while - just make sure to keep yourself motivated.

5. You trust your instincts more than those random pieces of advice:

Oh, the number of free advice you will get on how to raise kids! Be it your relatives, your immediate family, your friends or any random stranger, anyone will be willing to hand you their share of “babycare knowledge” in the form of advice or suggestions. Most of those words of advice will contradict each other and your personal knowledge, which will only create doubt and confusion in your mind. So it is best if you do the research yourself or go with your motherly instincts. If you too consult your own instincts before implementing any advice or do what you feel will be best for your little one instead, then you are golden.

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