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5 Signs That the Fetus Has Stopped Growing Inside the Womb

Pregnancy is a time of joy and celebration in every woman’s life. It is a time when the mom-to-be is expected to take care of herself in the best of ways so that she can work towards the growth of the little one in the womb. A mother does the best she can to make sure that the baby grows properly inside her but sometimes, such situations arise where the baby just doesn’t grow or becomes ill. In such a condition, it is important for the mother to take medical help immediately. But, the question arises that how will you know if your little one needs your help? Don’t worry, we have the answer for you. Mentioned below are 5 such signs which can indicate that your little one has stopped growing.

1. Drop in hCG levels

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone produced only in pregnant women. It is this hormone that the pregnancy test detects to show positive pregnancy results. Although HCG levels keep fluctuating during pregnancy, their dropping below normal could be a sign of distress in the fetal growth and the baby’s development. If you think that the levels are even a tiny bit below the normal levels then consult a doctor immediately.

2. No heartbeat

One of the most obvious and straightforward sign that there is some problem with the fetus is the unavailability of a heartbeat. Heartbeat can be heard as soon as from 9th-10th week of pregnancy and over time it grows stronger. Thus, if by any chance you stop hearing the heartbeat of your little one then consult your doctor immediately.

3. Unbearable cramps

Cramps during your periods are a separate thing. But if you start getting cramps while you are pregnant then that can mean that your little one is in trouble. Technically, you are not supposed to feel many cramps and thus it is important that you take care and be on the lookout for too much discomfort.

4. Stunted fundal height

Fundal height is the height of expecting mother’s uterus from top to the pubic bone. This is measured with a tape, which helps the doctor make sure that the uterus is growing along with the fetus inside. If the measurement is not as expected then it can be a sign that the fetus is not developing properly.

5. No or low fetal movements

Moms generally start feeling the fetus moving inside the womb from the 2nd trimester onwards. More amounts of fetal movements are signs of a healthier baby. So, if you are unable to feel any baby movements inside you or the movements have significantly reduced from what they used to be then it is highly likely that your little one is in trouble.

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