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Over parenting is something that a lot of parents do unconsciously. They don’t even realize that they’re guilty of overparenting till someone calls them out on it. By then it may be too late as being a hovering parent may not be the best way to raise a child. Here are 5 signs that you’re being an overprotective parent to your child. 

1.Can’t identify with age-appropriate growth

You may be so scared of lacking as a parent that you always want your child to be productive. You enroll them in classes that they aren’t even interested in because you think it’ll lead to all-round development. What you’re actually doing is not giving your child the time to mature at their own pace. Time management is important as a life skill and your child needs to know what activities spark their interest and what they would like to spend time on. Different age groups come with different priorities, so try not to be so overbearing.

2. Not giving them responsibilities

If you constantly think of your child as being someone who needs to hold your hand while crossing the street, you may fail to see that they’ve grown up to be a teenager who needs their independence. You tend to do their chores for them as you’re not sure if they’re capable of doing it on their own or you don’t want to be the one cleaning up the mess if they go wrong.

Give them certain responsibilities as they grow older to help them realize that every action has a consequence.

3. Helicopter parents

A helicopter parent is a colloquial term given to parents who tend to hover. If you find yourself calling teachers to fight over the grade your child scored on a test, you probably are a helicopter parent. Getting into arguments with other adults about how they treat your child is another sign. Let your child handle their own relationships with other people. It’s a skill they need to master as they grow older, they need to learn who’s worth their time and who’s not.

4. Can’t stand failure

No parent likes seeing their child down in the dumps. But that doesn’t mean that you step in to prevent their fall. What you should do as a parent is try and cushion their fall and be there for them when they need the support. Making them avoid failure altogether is going to strip them of the chance to mature and learn from their mistakes.

5. Arguments over choice

You think that something is best for your child, but your child wants it another way. You probably are right, like how ridiculous your child may look in an outfit or with the new haircut they want. But shoving your opinions down their throat may make them resent you rather than respecting your opinion. Leave them free to choose these things for themselves and make independent choices. If it’s the wrong one, they’ll learn never to repeat it. 

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