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5 Signs Of Baby Dropping During Pregnancy

The beginning of labour is often marked by the moment when the baby drops. It’s such a relieving feeling that you might get a break from shortness of breath, the pressure on your stomach might get light and you might get surrounded by an immediate sense of relief. You can suddenly go from “feeling high” to having your bump levelled much lower in your torso. Once the baby drops, your stomach will begin to hang much lower than earlier and it will make your birthing process much easier. Here are the signs and symptoms to give you a hint that your baby has started his downward journey.

1.Pressure in pelvis

As your baby moves downwards, you might experience an uncomfortable pressure down there. The pressure in your pelvis will increase as your baby settles near the pelvis and this feeling will get worse when you’ll move or change position. As your labour time approaches, you might begin to waddle like a chicken but believe me it will facilitate your baby’s exit from your womb. A not so easy way to get ready for your baby’s descending trip.

2.It’s different for every mom to be

The feeling and time of baby dropping will not be same for all the moms. While first times mom might feel the baby dropping two to four weeks before labour the second time moms may not feel the baby dropping at all. Some moms might experience this feeling few weeks before the actual time of delivery while others might experience it right on the go. Each pregnancy is different and so will be the symptoms.

3.The shape of your abdomen might not change

It is often a preconceived notion that your abdomen changes it’s shape once dropping occurs. It might seem flat or huge but it’s okay even if you don’t notice any change in your belly shape. The phase of carrying your baby high to carrying him low will be embarked by lightning and not by changes in the shape of your abdomen. It’s an amazing feeling after baby drop as you’ll feel that your baby is resting on your lap while sitting down. Enjoy the moment than worrying about the false notions!

4.Increased appetite

After baby dropping, you’ll have more room in your belly as your baby will drop lower into the pelvis. This sign of lightning can greatly affect your eating habit as you’ll have more room for food with less of your baby into your belly. So if you have been so hungry after your baby drop then this means that your labour is close. It can even influence your choice of food and you might cut down the choice of healthy food during this phase. Cakes pie and roasted chicken never felt so amazing before!

5.Urge to urinate

After dropping the pressure on your bladder increases and you might have the urge to urinate more often. This especially happens because your uterus lies on your bladder and you start feeling like peeing more often. An increased urge to pee after baby dropping is just a sign that you’re getting ready for the main event.

During pregnancy, your body experiences innumerable changes from your mood being slightly off-kilter to your baby dropping lower into your pelvis. You may or may not spot these changes but it will definitely get your hips prepared for labour.

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