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5 SECRETLY Annoying Things Wives Do To Their Husbands

If you think a perfect marriage doesn’t exist, you’re wrong! In fact, you can be a perfect couple even if you and your partner have a billion fights. To make your marriage work, both you and your partner need to develop a certain level of understanding. Moreover, you need to behave like grown-ups especially when you both have just had a heated argument.

But you know what, sometimes even adults end up acting like little children! Like if a woman wants something, she HAS to get it. Remember when she pulls you around for some Saree shopping even if she has 100 other sarees? Yeah, that might be a little annoying for you.

Although as her hubby, you must have made her laugh, wiped her tears, hugged her tight and been her backbone throughout her lifetime, some things can be rather unbearable.

So, we have compiled a bunch of some super annoying things EVERY wife does and we’re sure you’ll relate to it:

1. The Passive Aggressive Monster

Women have the tendency to act all cool in situations which have deeply offended them. They will just pretend that all is well in paradise and suddenly there will be sparks of fury. On asking her, “what’s wrong baby?” she says “NOTHING” and continues to give you angry looks.

2.When Jealousy Strikes

Your husband loves you incredibly and you should literally have no reason to get jealous of other women around him. Even if somebody checks out your darling hubby at the mall, you might feel super jealous because obviously, a random woman ogling at your man can drive any woman nuts!! But that doesn’t mean that he’s cheating on you.

3.The Constant Interruption 

Amidst a conversation, you must have noticed that you barge into total random details about something that’s absolutely unrelated to what you’re talking about. For instance, when your husband is talking to you about something that happened in the office and you happen to interrupt the convo and talk about how Mrs.Chaddah got this amazing new saree.

Ladies, this is absolutely going to annoy your husband and it’s not a very pleasant thing to do. Why don’t you hear him out for a change?

4.The Control Freak

Some women don’t understand the concept of personal identities. So, if your man doesn’t involve you in certain plans like when he’s planning a ‘guys time out’, it must have really annoyed you and later you must have been gloating over it. When he tries to explain it to you, it must have pissed you off further. This behaviour of yours must have annoyed your husband so much that he might not even had fun with his friends!

Never try to cage your partner because it will turn your happy relationship into a caustic one.

5. “You Should Have Known!!”

Okay, so let’s get this straight. Men are NOT mind readers!! They do not hold any such psychic power to read minds! They cannot ever know what’s going on in your mind. That’s because they don’t have the bandwidth to think so much. Leave that, they don’t even realize the hidden meaning of your simple gestures.

So, you will have to tell them directly about what you want and how you expect it to be. It will save you a lot of disappointment and efforts! 


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