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5 Safe And Easy Ways To Maintain Your Skin During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one crazy phase that might make you think twice at times. Bodily changes in pregnancy are normal. You’re going through so many hormonal shifts that it is bound to happen. But all this is only for a while and once you have your baby in your arms, it is all worth it. So, relax and read this article on how you can protect your skin during pregnancy itself. Follow these 5 simple steps and your dream of looking the same won’t seem distant anymore. 

1. Hydrate yourself

Drink plenty of water as it’s important for your skin to be fresh. Water helps in cleaning all the dirt and bacteria that gets clogged in your skin pores due to pollution or even hormonal changes at times. Hence, the more you drink water the better your skin will be throughout your pregnancy.

2. Green Vegetables

It is highly important for you to consume those veggies, if not for anything else, at least for your skin. We know you’re having weird cravings right now and well, green veggies are the last thing on your mind right now. But veggies such as avocados, beans, peas, broccoli and spinach can help revive your skin a great deal as they are quite rich in folic acid which is good for your skin. Try it!

3. Avoid being sunkissed

Those harmful UV rays are extremely bad for your skin. Not only do they loosen your skin but can also make it super dry and weary. Carry your sunscreen every time you’re out and make sure it’s at least SPF 30.

4. Washing your face twice a day

Do not forget to wash your face at least twice a day with a mild, glycerin face wash or similar cleanser. Avoid harsh soaps at all costs as it will damage your skin glow by taking away all the moisture.

5. Stay away from junk

Avoid saturated food items such as fried fast food. All those fries and patties you’re craving to binge on are going to make your skin terrible. We’re not saying don’t enjoy them, just control the amount you eat.

We understand that this is the only phase where you’re allowed to spoil yourself, and we do recommend you to exploit the most of it. But, at the same time, we also urge you to take good care of yourself.

Take care!


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