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5 Romantic Things To Do With Your Wife

When you have a whole lot of new responsibilities to look after now that you have a family to care for, it can get a little difficult to get romantic with your wife. This is because the part of you that used to know how to be all romantic feels a little rusty. Your wife feels this too - you would have noticed the change in relationship (and romance) dynamics after you had a baby. The whole world does revolve around your baby for a while.

Even so, it is very important to keep the romance alive and the only way to do that is to make time for it. If your little one is old enough to give you and your wife some time, you should definitely make use of that time!

Here are a couple of ways to rekindle the romance in your marriage:

1. Try Out A New Hobby Together

Pick a hobby that you both want to try out together. This could be a sport, a dance class or even an art class (like painting or pottery). The point is to go and learn something new together. This could be a weekend plan - try out a one-day workshop conducted near you. It would just require you to spend a couple hours and there’s nothing better than exploring a new hobby with your life partner.

2. Do Their Favourite Things

Just off the top of your brain, make a list of all the things your wife loves to do - be it trying out a new cuisine or a workout, shopping for books or clothes, trying on new makeup or sporting a new look - and include at least one of these activities on a date with your darling wife. If she likes trying on makeup, be a sport and offer your face as a canvas! It would be really fun for at LEAST one of you.

3. Attend A Wedding Together

Ladies love nothing more than reminiscing about their wedding. The gorgeous sarees and gowns they wore, the pretty decorations, meeting all those people, and of course their handsome looking husband. So, the next time you attend a wedding, spend time talking to her about your own wedding and enjoy sinking deep in the flood of sweet memories.

4. The Classic Date

You can never go wrong when you take her out on ‘The Classic Date’. It is the simplest model and the most perfect, romantic way to spend a day to spend with your wife. The Classic Date involves just two elements - food and art. You can do this by either going out for lunch and then a movie (or movies) or perhaps, by spending the day at an art gallery, museum or a place of historical and artistic significance followed by a mellow yet classy dinner. You could even set it up at home - order some food and watch a movie together at home.

5. Some Bed-Time Fun

No, bed-time fun here does not imply sex. At the end of each day, make sure to get to bed early to catch up with your wife and her life. In a busy world, it can be easy to forget about talking to each other - especially when you have a baby (or babies) to look after. So, set aside at least 30 minutes every night just to talk. After you’re done talking, you can go ahead and have some bed-time fun! ;) (yes, here it means sex)

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