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5 Romantic Gestures Every Wife Needs To Do For Her Husband

When was the last time you showered your husband with love and affection? Has it been a while? That’s what we thought. As a woman and a wife, there are certain things that you expect from your husband so why would it be wrong of your husband to want the same from you? Your hubby might not be blatantly romantic but even a small gesture from your side isn’t going to go unappreciated. So put on your romance socks ladies, here’s how you can knock the socks off your husband with simple yet super effective romantic gestures:

1. Hidden messages

A small love note goes a long way. A note that you hide in his office bag, his lunch box or his wallet can make your husband’s day. It can be something as straightforward as ‘I love you’ or you can write something that is more relatable to you guys as a couple. For example, if you watched a movie the previous day or plan on watching a movie, write a quote from it and say you miss him.

2. Attention

Your husband craves attention from you just as much you do from him. When he’s talking about something, no matter how unimportant it might sound, show him that he has your undivided attention. Remember- There is no greater gift than the gift of your time!

3. Use technology

While you or your hubby is at work, it might be hard to actually spare time in your day to call your other half. But a text takes only about 30 seconds. Whip up a quick ‘Can’t wait to see you tonight’ or ‘I’m thinking of you’ while you are traveling or having a break from the everyday hassle. Don’t be discouraged if your husband doesn’t reply back, the fact that it put a smile on their face will be worth the effort.

4. Flirt

No matter if you’re the shy kind or someone who has no problem with PDA (Public displays of affection), flirting with your husband is always a hit. You can send your husband off to work with a kiss or entice him with a dark promise or maybe teasing him until he blushes is more your style, take your pick and roll with it. When things get tough, having a light-hearted conversation like so will help a lot in making you guys more relaxed.

5. Dedicate a day

It’s true that most things you do are for your husband and it’s you who deserves a day-off (totally and completely) but it doesn’t hurt to cut your husband some slack. Dedicate one complete day to him, right from breakfast in bed to making his favourite dessert for dinner and letting him know your intentions on how you plan on ending the day (wink, wink), do it all once in awhile and your husband will never forget it. 

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