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5 Ridiculous Things Married Couples Fight About!

We love our partners to bits but that doesn’t stop us from squabbling over trivial matters. Marriage is no exception. Once you start living with them you realize that even though you love them, they are not perfect. We lock horns over the silliest things. Fighting is something very normal that every couple experiences. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bad though. It’s more to do with how both parties react to the aftermath. It can actually bring you closer and help learn more about each other if you can keep your pride. Couples fight over the most ridiculous things and it’s actually quite funny. After all, we fight a lot only with the ones closest to us. Here are a few of the most ridiculous things couples fight about.

What To Watch On TV

The both of you might have a lot in common but it might not necessarily extend to TV shows and movies. Your favorite genre may be hard to digest for your partner. Ladies, the chick flick that you’ve been dying to watch may not interest your partner at all. He would rather watch a game or an action-packed movie. Instead of quarreling over who gets to watch what and the constant flipping through channels, the best solution is compromise. Make timings so that you both get to watch your TV shows. Watching your spouse’s choice of movies may pique your interest too and the both of you can enjoy it together. A little compromise from both ends goes a long way. Who doesn’t want to unwind from a long day at work by chilling in front of the TV with their spouse?

What To Eat

Everyone’s taste buds differ and food is something no one is willing to compromise on! After all, we have specific preferences and notions on how food should be cooked and our spouses may not enjoy those imposed on them. If you want to prevent a straight out war, you might want to compromise a little. Agree to Chinese takeout once in a while even though you’ve been craving for pizza if that’s what it takes to keep your partner happy!

Planning A Vacation

A vacation sounds like a wonderful way to de-stress and spend some quality time with your spouse. Sometimes, it has the opposite effect though. Planning a vacation isn’t a piece of cake. Couples may quarrel right from selecting the place, booking the hotel, choosing the places to sightsee. You may come back from a vacation in need of another one!

To Cuddle Or Not To Cuddle

This is a very tricky issue indeed. Some people like to cuddle and use it as a way to express their affection for their partner. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner will feel the same way. He or she may, in fact, be a non-cuddler and feel suffocated with prolonged cuddling. Non-cuddlers tread carefully because you don’t want to hurt your partner’s feelings. Reach a compromise so that both of you are satisfied and there isn’t any tension in your marriage.

The Imaginary Line In The Middle Of The Bed

Believe it or not, but most couples fight over space while sleeping! You no longer have the liberty to hog all the space on the bed and your partner may not take kindly to it. No one likes having too little space to sleep in or listening to their partner snore. Scoot over and make some space to keep the peace!

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