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5 Reasons Your In-Laws Are The Best!

Your in-laws are the awesome people who raised your better-half and they are pretty much the best people in your life. Here’s why.

1. Mom and Dad

In-laws are basically your 2nd family and they will make you feel as though you are getting to know your mom and dad all over again. You will have two more people who love and support you, constantly cheering you on from the sideline. They are like parents without the awkwardness. You can be very open with them, and if they’re traditional, chances are they will take care of you like a princess.

2. Nanny on demand

The best part about in-laws is their love for your child and their willingness to be helpful in any way possible. That means that you have baby sitters whenever you need and for however long you need them. Also, with them, there is no such thing as too late to ask, unless your in-laws have very important plans (none of which will ever be more important than their grandchild). They are usually more than willing to come and spend time with your little one.

3. Free advice

Parents are great, but there are certain things you may not be able to ask them. In that way, that barrier could be broken with your in-laws. A lot of times, in-laws are super chill and you can ask them their opinion or advice on anything.

4. Your significant other 2.0

Your in-laws are basically wiser and older versions of your significant other. You’ll see where your significant other gets certain traits from and it makes you love them even more. Your in-laws give you an idea of what your significant other will be like when they get older.

5. Childhood memories 

There is no one to laugh at your better-half’s baby pictures with rather than their own family. You will give you the full scoop of all their embarrassing stories and incidents that took place in their lives. Especially if they have a sibling, you’ll find out information about them that they probably didn’t know about themselves!


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