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5 Reasons You Will Never Forget Your Wedding Day

kareena kapoor bride

The Big Day, the day every girl dreams of as a child. The lighting, the dress and of course, the man; Everything needs to be perfect. In a way, your dream wedding becomes one with you, a part of your entity. However, when the day does come, it is hardly as you have planned it out in your head. The best part is, it is even better.

Here's 5 things about your wedding day that makes it unforgettable:

1. You Got the Love of Your Life

love of your life

The man of your dreams, Prince Charming, do you end up with him? No. But you do end up with your soulmate, the man to make your dreams come true? Yes, you do. He is right for you and you know it somewhere deep within you. Whether you chose him or your parents did. You are sitting beside him and you have to believe that marriages are made in heaven. You were meant for him and he was meant for you.

2. You Got the Dress

bridal dresses

Whether it's the bridal reds or a glorious white dress. Someone from the heavens smiled down at you and suddenly, you found the perfect dress. Jewelry and shoes to go with the dress were soon to follow. When you walked into your wedding, all eyes were on you. You were the center of the universe, right then. It is perhaps the moment, your hubby to be, falls back in love with you.

3. You got the Family


Family, need I say more. The people you spent every waking minute with, the people to take you at your worst and have you at your best. You will now have to say goodbye to mummy and daddy, your sibling(s), your home. This is bound to be an emotional moment for you. The tears will stream down like waterfalls. But you have them, the important thing to know is that this is not goodbye forever, just goodbye for now. On the bright side, your new family awaits!

4. You got the Handover

british kanyadaan

You are daddy's little girl and he musters up the courage to give you up. He hands you over to your hubby to be with a heavy heart. You belong to your husband now, on one hand this is a moment of immense joy but letting go of your father is a thing of incomparable pain. This is bittersweet for you to say the least. Nevertheless, this is one of the things about your wedding you will never forget.

5. You got Your Happily Ever After

happily ever after

Yes, your wedding was perfect. Your friends and your family gazed upon the spectacle that were your husband and you. But the thought of what's in store is what will consume you. Your fairytale has finally found it's way to you, it is time you you open your arms wide and take in all the happiness. You have it all! At last.

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