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5 Reasons Why You Fight With Your Husband After Having A Baby

When you bring your newborn home, your house finally becomes a home. It embarks the journey of life as a mother and there’s no greater happiness than seeing your baby smile. Bringing your baby home is a life-changing event which is an experience almost as bittersweet.

This is the moment when you’re no longer just a wife and all your responsibilities will be doubled. There’s a lot of pressure on the new mommy to deal with life, husband, baby, home and the list goes on.

Often, we see couples running into relationship problems especially after having a baby. There are a lot of arguments and change of habits during this time. Here are a couple of reasons why you might spark a fight with your husband after having a baby:

1. Different parenting ideas

You want disposable diapers but your partner wants cloth diapers! This is the beginning of the great war of difference in opinions. Initially, it starts off as a minor difference but in due course of time, it could just ruin your marriage.


Best parents make great decisions together. Talk to each other before you decide on something.

2. Lack of involvement

When the baby comes home, most mommies get irritated with their husband's behaviour. They feel like their man isn’t doing justice to his responsibilities. It really is quite annoying to see your partner gallivanting or just sitting around while you’re taking up all the responsibilities of the baby.


Do not scream or shout at your partner for anything as it will lead to more fights. Teach him few of your hacks to change diapers, powdering the baby and getting the baby to sleep.

3. Bye bye sex life

Sex isn’t even in your first 103 thoughts right now. Although it is okay to do it after 6-8 weeks after childbirth, most couples wait for few more months to finally have sex. Sometimes you might think that your partner doesn’t love you anymore due to the lack of intimacy or even a postpartum body.


Your partner loves you and it would be his honour to love you right. He loves you for your flaws and after all, you’re the mother of his child! He is probably just afraid of hurting you. Give it some time and things will fall into its place.

4. Lack of sleep

It is human to be irritated when you don’t get enough sleep and rest. A little baby who needs a lot of attention and a mother who has lost her night’s sleep is a recipe for a great disaster.


Although there is no perfect solution to this one, you and your partner can take turns when it comes to handling the baby unless he needs to be fed. It might help you boost your relationship also!

And finally...

5. The acceptance

If somebody tells you that their marriage is just as amazing it was before having a baby, they’re lying. Every couple has a meltdown after having a baby. The drift from being a wife to dealing with a ton of responsibilities to becoming a mother, it takes time for you to adapt to this switch. Amidst all this, you would obviously have a breakdown and your mood swings have the power to make your marriage a turbulent one.


Of course, it will take you some time to get used to the new life and routine. It is all in your hands to tame and control your mood swings. Try to regain your composure and make it work and don’t rush

Despite all your differences and negativity, you will still feel the love throbbing in your heart all over again. Your baby will be that person who helps you hold your relationship with your husband. Both of you have a common motive- seeing your baby happy, isn’t it?

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