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5 Reasons Why Having Sex During Pregnancy Is Completely Safe

Your swollen belly and large boobs can often arouse your husband to engage in sex during pregnancy. You might restrict yourself at first but the ecstasy of this moment can’t kill the hint of desire for long even when you’re pregnant. Do you need to abandon your sexual life during pregnancy is the biggest question hovering into a pregnant woman’s mind? While your baby is slowly bumping his head through his womb can you afford a bout of lovemaking? If you’re experiencing a tad of gingerness related to elements of intercourse during pregnancy then here’s everything you need to know about knocking boots while you’re knocked up.

1.Intercourse is totally fair game

If you have landed up in a situation where you feel lowdown on having sex during pregnancy then the good news is that you’re not going to crush your baby by being sexually active during pregnancy. In fact, your sexual life will be nearing some kind of zenith during this phase because woman’s orgasm becomes more intense during this phase. You can try some safer sexual positions but you definitely don’t need to ban your sexual desire for nine months.

2.Mind-blowing orgasms

There are some fringe benefits of having intercourse during pregnancy that is enough to arouse you to get involved in sex during this phase. One of the toe-curling benefits is that sex becomes an incredible experience especially for women during the pregnancy months. When they are touched and titillated their vulva becomes engorged due to the increase in blood flow and this leads to more pleasurable sex. It causes heightened sensations due to which women produce more oxytocin leading to intense orgasms. Remember orgasms become the most pleasurable experience during pregnancy!

3.Try to find comfortable positions

After becoming pregnant even the most loved positions may no longer be feasible as your body is going through a storm of changes. You might find joy in a position you never loved before pregnancy. You just need to try and get the knowledge of what suits the comfort of your pregnant wife and in this process, you might fall for something new that you never liked earlier.

4.Be gentle and nice

You can enjoy a steamy time during pregnancy by being gentle and careful. Your partner’s penis might not hit your baby’s head if you are having vigorous sex but it might cause damage to your vagina or the cervix. The dramatic increase in your sex drive can’t be a reason to do anything risky. Instead of having a rough time with your partner engage in something very mild and comfortable.

5.Your baby won’t get the hint of it

If you feel that you can poke your fetus while having a nice time then it’s nothing more than a notion. Your baby won’t have the hint that Mumma and Daddy are doing it. He might get slightly jostled but this is quite normal. Even when you climb the stairs your baby will experience the same kind of movement. So don’t get freaked out and twist the sheets during pregnancy.

Making love is totally normal and risk-free during pregnancy. You don’t need to get freaked out because of the fear of getting your freak on. You can have the best sexual experience even with extra pounds on!

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