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5 Reasons Why Baby Size is NOT Same As Belly Size

Pregnancy is a time of multiple changes mentally, emotionally and physically. It is a time when your body is stretched to its limits and a time when an entire human being develops and grows from practically nothing right in your belly. It is from the to-be mother herself that the child gets nutrition and blood to grow from. Now, since there is this ball of cells which is rapidly expanding in your stomach, it is but likely that your stomach will have some effect. That is where the baby belly comes. But, most pregnant women often mistake their overall belly as the actual size of the baby. Well, that is rarely the case and mentioned below are 5 reasons why.

1. First-time Mom-to-be

When you are a first-time expectant mother, your body is not completely ready to accommodate a whole new human being in your body. As a result, you tend to have a more compact baby bump. Just because you have a smaller baby bump than you expected, does not mean that your baby is not growing properly.

2. Your own height

Taller women tend to have a smaller baby bump as they have more abdomen space and their skin needs to stretch out a bit less. Likewise, shorter women tend to have a comparatively lower amount of abdomen space and so the belly expands outwards to create the necessary space for the little one. Also, the baby bump in taller women shows up at a later stage as compared to that in the shorter women.

3. Amount of amniotic fluid

The amount of fluid surrounding your baby can fluctuate. While too much or not enough amniotic fluid can point to problems, it’s common for the levels to change every hour or so. Though in the initial stages the amniotic fluid is produced by the mother’s body fluids, once the pregnancy is beyond 20 weeks, the fetus starts producing the fluids on its own. Thus, your baby bump depends on how much pregnant you are.

4. Baby’s position

The shape and sometimes the size of your bump depends directly on the position your baby is in. Throughout the pregnancy, your little one will keep on changing position while exploring his/her surroundings. As a result, your belly might get stretched accordingly.

5. Previous pregnancies

Pregnancy tends to stretch the abdominal muscles so that the growing baby can be accommodated. These muscles stay flexible after the birth and don’t regain their previous tone. Thus, in your next pregnancy, you might notice your bump showing much earlier and looking bigger. This doesn’t mean your baby is larger it’s just that your body has been altered by your previous pregnancy.

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