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5 Reasons To Must Try Adult Colouring Books


Let’s face it, being an adult can be extremely stressful. With the increasing pressures of work and the demanding task of a parent, it's hard to keep yourself stress-free. Don't we all wish things were how they used to be back in the day when you were a mere kid, free of responsibilities? Surprisingly enough, one of those activities we used to do solely as a kid has been brought back to engage the adult world. Colouring books! They’re quite the rage now and you absolutely have to try it!

1. A means of relaxation

People all around the world have reported the relaxing benefits of this colouring book. Some have also gone to the extent of calling it an alternative to meditation. While meditating, most people find it hard to stop thinking about the world and concentrate. Colouring books, on the other hand, enable you to do that subconsciously. While colouring, you are able to turn off and only focus on colouring within the lines or picking out the next colour, helping you relax.

2. A stress reliever

As an extension to the first point, de-stressing is another benefit of these colouring books. Although yoga, meditation, exercise and other therapeutic measures are a good way of rejuvenating yourself, it can’t be as simple as colouring. Colouring those intricate designs helps you get your mind off other things. For those few minutes or hours, your mind no longer focusses on all the work you have for the week, the chores you need to complete or the accounts you need to make. All you focus on is colouring.

3. Improves your ability to concentrate

By now, we have figured the key to this technique is the ability to redirect your concentration to filling those blank spaces with colours. This method is said to improve your ability to focus and concentrate better. Adult colouring books contain extremely intricate designs like mandalas which are designs made using circles or other intricate details to colour. Filling in these details with colours requires quite a bit of concentration to make sure it’s all within the lines.

4. Taking you back to a simpler time

Following the psychoanalytical school in psychology, colouring takes you back to a time in your childhood when you did engage in colouring. It helps you feel an environment where you had no worries or responsibilities at a very subconscious level making you simulate those same carefree feelings.

5. Relieves anxiety you never knew you had

If you are one of those anxious moms, who are constantly worried about your children or get anxious about the smallest of things, an adult colouring book could be just the thing you need to help relieve that anxiety. The principle behind this is the same as those mentioned above, redirecting your focus from all the anxiety-inducing factors to colouring.

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