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5 Reasons To Get Pregnant In The Summer

Getting pregnant in the summers

You might wonder how summer is a great time to get pregnant. I mean, you are already hot because of the sun, do you really wish to be hotter because of the little one inside you? Well, actually you might find that summer pregnancy are much better than winter pregnancy because they offer a lot more things that we take for granted. For example:

1. Morning Walks
Morning walks during summers for pregnant women are very beneficial

We all know that morning walks are super beneficial for out health, especially if one’s pregnant. But imagine waking up early on a cold, winter day and walking in the park while cold breeze shakes you to your bones. Yes, not a pretty sight is it? Whereas in summers, your body naturally wakes up early with the sunlight pouring in so you don’t have to drag yourself out of bed and with the warm sun on your face, walking and exercising becomes that much easier.

2. All that vitamin D
 Vitamin D is abundantly available in the summer.

Vitamin D deficiency is a common problem among pregnant moms. With summer pregnancies, you won’t be facing this problem since just standing outdoors and soaking in some sun (you still need to wear sunscreen though) will give you a lots of vitamin D. This makes your bones stronger and also reduces the chances of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

3. Maternity clothes
Summery maternity clothes are great!

All that flowy skirts, gowns and dresses that are pregnant mom’s dream can be easily flaunted during summers. You don’t have to restrict yourself to body hugging clothes that keep you warm and get creative with summer clothes.

4. Bottoms up
Hydration during summers is really important for pregnant women

The sun will take care of the fluid intake because you don’t have to keep reminding yourself of the 3 liters of water you need to be drinking - Mother nature will do it for you. Juices, shakes and other drinks are easily available in the summers and you don’t run the risk of catching a cold by enjoying all their deliciousness either so, it’s a win-win. 

5. Mangoes
Fresh fruits and vegetables are available during summer

If you’re a pregnant woman, you know how mangoes can get your juices flowing. But it’s not just mangoes that summer has to offer. Many fruits and vegetables are in season during the hot weather so you can take your pick of any of them and get all their benefits. 


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